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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0161. Tuesday, 7 Sep 1993.

Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1993 16:19:39 PDT
From: muru.palaniappan@aldus.com (Muru Palaniappan,Eng)
Subject: Hypertext '93 Conference Advanced Program Announcement (3 pages long)

Hypertext '93 Conference Advanced Program Announcement
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Dates: November 14 - 18, 1993

Hypertext is a central part of online documents, multimedia applications,
educational programs, museum guides, and computer games. Today's Hypertext
research will be the foundation for future systems that support authoring,
managing, and accessing large multimedia information spaces.

Hypertext '93 begins with two days of introductory and advanced courses
that emphasize the practical applications of hypertext in documentation,
education, training, and publishing. These courses address hypertext
design, standards, evaluation, deployment, legal issues, and many other
topics. The courses offered are:

1 Educational Uses of Hypermedia: From Design to the Classroom
2 The HyTime Interchange Standard
3 Introduction to Hypertext and Hypermedia
4 Putting Documents Online: A Manager's Guide
5 Becoming a CD-ROM Publisher
6 SGML for Writers: An Introduction to Document Structure and Analysis
7 Automatic Information Retrieval and Text Utilization
8 Designing Electronic Publications: How We Do It
9 Visual Languages: Analyzing the Emerging New Language Combining
Words, Images, and Shapes
10 Interactive Learning Environments: Where They've Come From & Where
They're Going
11 Hypermedia Documents for Regulatory and ISO 9000 Compliance
12 Forging the Business of Hypertext Publishing
13 Text to Hypertext Conversion: A Practical Engineering Approach
14 Hypermedia in Museums
15 Introduction to Virtual Environments and Advanced Interfaces
16 Evaluating Hypermedia Usability
17 Hypertext in Legal Education and Law Practice
18 Metaphor Design in Hypertext Systems: Managing Expectation and Surprise
19 Cooperative Hypermedia 20 SGML for Implementers
21 Intellectual Property Protection
22JPresenting Information Visually: Graphic-Design Principles for
Use-Oriented Designers
23 Resource-Based Hypermedia for Education and Training
24 Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and the Content Data Model

On Monday, in parallel with the second day of courses, leading vendors will
participate in a commercial symposium explaining how their hypertext
products solve real-world problems. The commercial symposium is a new event
that offers a straight-talk, moderated setting for practical advice on real
hypertext applications. The sessions are:
%JMultimedia Authoring and Viewing Tools
% Corporate-wide Hypertext Systems
% Hypertext Writing and Publishing
% Corporate Conversion Strategies and Methodologies
% Building Embedded Hypertext Applications
% SGML Authoring and Viewing Tools
% Converting Legacy Data to SGML
% Minimum Platform Hypertext Tools for Technical Publications

% Irene Grief, Lotus Development Corporation - Title to be determined
% George Landow, Brown University - Writing Toward the Future: What
Avant-Garde Writing Has to Tell Hypertext Designers
% Rob Akscyn, Knowledge Systems, Inc. - Reengineering the Field: Hypertext
in the 21st Century

The technical program begins with a reception honoring Ted Nelson, the
father of hypertext. At the end of the reception, he will offer his views
on the future of the field.

The technical program includes three days of papers, panels, posters,
demonstrations, technical briefings, and videos. Papers present advances in
theory, implementations, or experience with hypertext. Technical briefings
offer in-depth analyses and demonstrations of hypertext systems or
applications. Panels provide a forum for exploring the art and business of

The video program will be available in hotel guest rooms and run
continuosly in a video theatre. Everyone is welcome to bring videos of
their own to show in the video theatre. Demonstrations of recent advances
or prototype systems enable conference participants to view systems in
action, as well as discuss the systems with the people who created them.
Posters promote in-depth interaction between presenters and participants.
This format also provides an opportunity for the exploration and discussion
of late-breaking developments, work-in-progress, and emerging concepts.

The Seattle Sheraton Hotel & Towers is the conference hotel. To reserve a
room, phone the hotel, ask for the ACM/Hypertext conference rate, and
provide your credit card number. The hotelUs phone number is +1
206-621-9000. The conference rates are only available when contacting the
hotel directly.

Registration Information
For a complete Advanced Program and Registration information, call Sarah
Amendola at 206-292-9198, fax to 206-292-0559, e-mail ht93@atc.boeing.com
or write:
Hypertext '93 (CSNW)
Tower Building, Suite 1200
1809 Seventh Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101

You may register by printing the registration form below, completing the
form, and faxing or mailing it to the addresses listed above. Payment must
be included. Registration is NOT available by electronic mail.

The conference registration fee includes 2.5 days of technical sessions,
conference proceedings, demonstrations, video program, posters, and
conference banquet and receptions.

Note for courses: Course numbers were indicated above. Course 1, 2, 15, and
16 are 2 units each. Couses 1 and 2 are offered for the full day on Sunday
(Nov 14) while courses 15 and 16 are offered for the full day on Monday
(Nov 15). All other courses are 1 units each. Courses 3 through 6 are
offered on Sunday morning, courses 7 through 14 are offered on Sunday
afternoon, courses 17 through 20 on Monday morning, and courses 21 through
24 on Monday afternoon.You should not register for more than 2 units on
each day, and you should not register for any units on Monday if you
register for the Commercial Symposium.

Hypertext '93 Registration Form

Name(First, MI, Last) :


Mailing Address:

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Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Name and affiliation on badge (if different from above):

Are you an ACM or AICA-GLIT or STC member?
If yes, affiliation/membership number:

Are you a student?
If yes, university and student id number:

Do you require special services as disabled attendee?

If you DO NOT want your name on the attendee list, mark yes:

Payment Structure (in US $). Please circle the applicable options:

$150 - Conference Only
$100 - 1 tutorial unit only
$175 - 2 tutorial units only
$225 - 3 tutorial unit sonly
$250 - 4 tutorial units only
$150 - Commercial Symposium only

Postmarked on or before October 7
$350 - Conference Only
$160 - 1 tutorial unit only
$265 - 2 tutorial units only
$385 - 3 tutorial unit sonly
$460 - 4 tutorial units only
$200 - Commercial Symposium only

$430 - Conference Only
$190 - 1 tutorial unit only
$345 - 2 tutorial units only
$500 - 3 tutorial unit sonly
$655 - 4 tutorial units only
$230 - Commercial Symposium only

Postmarked After October 7
$420 - Conference Only
$200 - 1 tutorial unit only
$365 - 2 tutorial units only
$505 - 3 tutorial unit sonly
$620 - 4 tutorial units only
$250 - Commercial Symposium only

$520 - Conference Only
$235 - 1 tutorial unit only
$435 - 2 tutorial units only
$610 - 3 tutorial unit sonly
$760 - 4 tutorial units only
$280 - Commercial Symposium only

EXTRA PROCEEDINGS $35 x ____copies
EXTRA BANQUET TICKETS $50 x ____tickets


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