7.0166 Philosophy Preprint Service (1/113)

Wed, 8 Sep 1993 17:03:32 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0166. Wednesday, 8 Sep 1993.

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 93 15:00:05 MDT
From: istvan@psych.ualberta.ca (Istvan Berkeley)
Subject: New Phil Preprints Service.




The International Philosophical Preprint Exchange


phil-preprints.l.chiba-u.ac.jp (Chiba University, Japan)

Coordinated by
Richard Reiner (York University) rreiner@nexus.yorku.ca
Syun Tutiya (Chiba University) tutiya@cogsci.l.chiba-u.ac.jp

With the assistance of
Andrew Burday (McGill University) andy@dep.philo.mcgill.ca
Istvan Berkeley (University of Alberta) iberkele@vm.ucs.ualberta.ca
Carolyn L Burke (York University) cburke@nexus.yorku.ca
George Gale (University of Missouri - Kansas City) ggale@vax1.umkc.edu
Paul Osepa (TDS) osepa@tds.com


The benefits of circulating pre-publication drafts of one's work are well
known: one can learn from the comments, criticisms, and suggestions of
one's peers, and thereby improve one's work; and one can enter into
fruitful dialogues with others doing related research.

The benefits of timely access to pre-publication drafts of the work of
others are also well known: one can gain access to current work in one's
specialty without the delays associated with print publication; and one
gains in a more general sense by participating in a richer, extended
professional community.

However, until now, philosophers have had no organized means of sharing


Introducing the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

The International Philosophical Preprint Exchange is a new service on the
Internet intended to make it easy for philosophers with Internet access
of any kind to exchange working papers in all areas of philosophy, and to
comment publicly on each other's work.

The International Philosophical Preprint Exchange provides storage for
working papers, abstracts, and comments, and provides a variety of means
by which papers and abstracts may be browsed and downloaded.

Use of the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange is free of
charge, and open to all.

The International Philosophical Preprint Exchange is located at Chiba
University, Japan, through the generosity of the Department of Philosophy
and of Cognitive and Information Sciences, Chiba University. It is
administered by an international volunteer group headed by Richard

Paper submissions are accepted from all, on the sole condition that
papers must be of interest to contemporary academic philosophers. In
addition to original papers, comments on papers already available on the
system are encouraged.


Getting started

Papers and abstracts on the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange
can be retrieved by email, by ftp, and by Gopher. This means that anyone
with Internet access of any kind can use the service. We've worked hard
to make the system as easy as possible to use.

If you need detailed help in getting started, send a piece of email to
the address phil-preprints-service@phil-preprints.l.chiba-u.ac.jp
containing exactly the following four lines of text:

send getting-started

and a detailed beginner's guide and a list of files available on the
system will be returned to you by email (they will be preceded by a
detailed message acknowledging your request).

Otherwise, just ftp to phil-preprints.l.chiba-u.ac.jp (log in as
"anonymous" or "ftp"); or point your gopher at apa.oxy.edu or at
kasey.umkc.edu (look under "Science Studies"); or send email containing
mail-server commands to
phil-preprints-service@phil-preprints.l.chiba-u.ac.jp (the command "help"
is a good way to begin).

We encourage you to upload your working papers--the sooner the better. To
make life easier for the coordinators, please read the submission
instructions available on the system before uploading.

Please send any comments or questions about the service by email to


Istvan S. N. Berkeley,                  email: istvan@psych.ualberta.ca
Biological Computation Project
Department of Philosophy / Department of Psychology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta                       Tel:  +1 403 492 4106
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