7.0197 Directory of Scholarly E-Conferences (1/89)

Mon, 20 Sep 1993 11:21:03 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0197. Monday, 20 Sep 1993.

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 93 22:32:08 EST
From: Diane Kovacs <DKOVACS@KENTVM>
Subject: Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences, 7th Revision

The 7th Revision of the _Directory of Scholarly Electronic
Conferences_ is now available on the LISTSERV@KENTVM or
LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU and via anonymous
FTP to ksuvxa.kent.edu in the library directory.

This announcement is extracted from the ACADLIST README file
This directory contains descriptions of electronic
conferences (e-conferences) on topics of interest to
scholars. E-conference is the umbrella term that includes
Bitnet and Internet discussion lists, Internet interest
groups, Usenet newsgroups, distributions for e-journals, e-
newsletters, electronic fora, etc. We have used our own
judgment in deciding what is of scholarly interest, and will
consider any advice or critique about our decisions.
The Files Available

ACADLIST README (explanatory notes for the Directory)
ACADSTAC HQX (binhexed, self-decompressing, HYPERCARD
version of the Directory - Keyword
searchable) 498
ACADSMAL HQX (the above only smaller for small screen
ACADLIST FILE1 (Anthropology- Education) 85 k
ACADLIST FILE2 (Geography-Library and Information Science)
ACADLIST FILE3 (Linguistics-Political Science) 64k
ACADLIST FILE4 (Psychology-Writing) 68k
ACADLIST FILE5 (Biological Sciences) 55k
ACADLIST FILE6 (Physical Sciences) 51k
ACADLIST FILE7 (Business, Academia, News) 31k
ACADLIST FILE8 (Computer Science; Social, Cultural, and
Political Aspects of Computing; and
Academic Computing Support) 139k
ACADLIST CHANGES (Listing of all deleted e-conferences
deleted because they no longer function)
How to retrieve files from the LISTSERV@KENTVM or
1. Send an e-mail message addressed to LISTSERV@KENTVM or
2. Leave the subject and other info lines blank.
3. The message must read:
GET Filename Filetype f=mail
(e.g., ACADLIST FILE1 or ACADSTAC HQX or whatever)
4. If you need assistance receiving, etc. contact your local
Computer Services people

How to retreive files via anonymous FTP to KSUVXA.KENT.EDU
1. type: ftp KSUVXA.KENT.EDU at your dollar sign prompt
(VAX) your shell prompt (Unix) or ready screen (IBM VM). If
you are on another kind of system consult with your computer
services people to find out the proper procedure.
2. when prompted for 'USERID,' type ANONYMOUS.
3. Your password will be your actual userid on your local
4. Type: cd library
5. Type: get Filename.Filetype
(e.g., ACADLIST FILE1 or ACADSTAC HQX or whatever)
6. The files will be transferred directly into the directory
you ftp'ed from.

The Directory Team:

Diane Kovacs-Editor-in-Chief (Bitnet) dkovacs@kentvm
(Internet) dkovacs@kentvm.kent.edu
Laura Bartolo (Bitnet) lbartolo@kentvm (Internet)
Gladys Bell (Bitnet) gbell@kentvm (Internet)
Paul Fehrmann (Bitnet) pfehrman@kentvm (Internet)
Michael Kovacs (Internet) mkovacs@mcs.kent.edu
Leslie Haas (Bitnet) lhaas@kentvm (Internet)
Jeannie Langendorfer (Bitnet) jlangend@kentvm (Internet)
Amey Park (Bitnet) apark@kentvm (Internet)
Kara Robinson (Bitnet) krobinso@kentvm (Internet)