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Subject: IBJ Special Issue on Internet Advertising

The Internet Business Journal
Commercial Opportunities in the Networking Age

Volume 1, Number 3/4 - September/October 1993
Including a Special Report on Internet Advertising

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RFC/FYI - Editorial
Michael Strangelove

Partnering on the Internet - A Primer
Tyson Macaulay

Corporate Use of the Internet
Edward J. Tully

Internet in Canada
CANARIE: A New Billion Dollar IT Market
Dr. Hawley L. Black

Creating a Corporate Presence on the Net
A New User's Guide
Joel H. Maloff

The Internet and the Law
Law Schools Integrate Internet into Curriculum
Michael B. Rizik Jr.

Internet Company Profile
Horse Horse Lion Lion: A Consulting Co-op
Steven Hodas

Internet Provider Profile
ClarkNet: Enabling Technology
Stephen Balbach

The Japan That Can't Say No

Directory of Internet Trainers and Consultants

SPECIAL REPORT - Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising Services

Advertising on the Net
Limitations to Internet Advertising
Elizabeth Lane Lawley

Selling Software on the Internet
USENET as an Advertising Forum
Stephen Balbach

Advertising by E-Mail
Philip M. Tsang & Ken Eustace


Gopher Business Resources
Internet Publishing News
Resources for Networked Business, Commerce, and Industry
Internet Marketplace
Government Online
Internet Access News


Partnering on the Internet - A Primer
Tyson Macaulay

Tyson Macaulay discusses the competitive advantages
realised by companies using Internet-facilitated
communications. He also warns of the challenges faced by
Internet partnerships in the areas of trust, economic
assurances, and secure communication. He concludes with
a number of potential communications scenarios pointing
out the pros and cons of each.

Corporate Use of the Internet
Edward J. Tully

This article encourages the use of the Internet High
Speed Backbone for corporate networking. Mr. Tully
explains the robust nature of the Internet Backbone and
offers a number of reasons why the corporate world is not
making full use of the Internet for its corporate
networking. Mr. Tully then discusses the advantages of
corporate Internet connections and weighs them against
the many perceived, and the very few real, problems
corporations anticipate.

Edward J. Tully is Director of Client Services of
Advanced Network & Services and has been a
telecommunications professional for over thirty years.

Internet In Canada - CANARIE: A New Billion Dollar IT
Dr. Hawley Black

Dr. Black provides an up-to-date overview of Canada's
CANARIE project. CANARIE stands for Canadian Network for
the Advancement of Research, Industry, and Education and
will become as common an acronym as NREN over the next
few years. CANARIE's goal is to build a national
electronic information highway by 1999. Dr. Black points
out the potential opportunities for the commercial
Internet sector.

Creating a Corporate Presence on the Net - A New User's
Joel H. Maloff

This article explores some of the commercial
possibilities for the expansion of electronic commerce
over interconnected, worldwide Internet. Mr. Maloff
divides the business functionality afforded by the
Internet into three distinct areas: rare remote devices,
databases, and collaborative activities. Each of these
functionalities are explored and actual examples of how
businesses have used them are given.

Joel Maloff is vice-president of Client Services at ANS
CO+RE Systems, Inc. ANS CO+RE provides a variety of WAN
and TCP/IP outsourcing services, including network
design, security services, consulting, and connectivity.

The Internet and the Law - Law Schools Integrate Internet
into Curriculum
Michael B. Rizik Jr.

Largely through an interview with Linda Karr O'Connor, a
reference librarian at the Cornell Law Library, Michael
Rizik explores the impact that the Internet is having in
the legal community. In his article he looks at the
current status of Internet training as part of legal
training and discusses the benefits lawyers and legal
firms will experience as a result of using the Internet
as an information gathering tool.

Michael B. Rizik Jr. is a Flint, Michigan attorney
specialising in, among other things, computer law. He is
also sysop of The Law Review BBS and pro-bono legal
counsel for the Genesee FreeNet.

Internet Company Profile - Horse Horse Lion Lion: A
Consulting Co-op
Steven Hodas

"Horse Horse Lion Lion started about ten years ago in New
York. We formed to study and work with what we called
'interactive information communities.' ... Around 1985,
we realised that the future of information communities
was going to be electronically mediated and networked.
Most of our work from that point on involved the
introduction of computers into work or learning
environments as Trojan Horses whose ultimate end was the
restructuring of that environment. We started providing
telecommunications training on a large scale in 1989, and
a great deal of our work now involves instruction in the
appropriate and effective use of Internet resources."
See how Horse Horse Lion Lion has mined the potential of
the Internet in this month's Internet Company Profile.

Internet Provider Profile - ClarkNet: Enabling Technology
Stephen Balbach

"Late in 1992, Jamie cashed in some family stocks and
bonds, borrowed money from a bank and began his Internet
provider business with $100,000 in start-up capital ...
What drove Jamie, traditionally considered a handicapped
and disabled citizen, to get into the high-tech business
of providing Internet access? Quite simply that on the
Internet there are no physical barriers to keep someone
from reaching their full potential." In this article
Stephen Balbach looks at Jamie Clark: his concept, his
methods and his service - ClarkNet.

The Japan That Can't Say No - English Translation of
Controversial Book On Net

It was a best seller in Japan. The writers did not want
it published in the United States. The publisher had no
plans to publish the book in English and had not
authorised any translations. All the same, in 1990 an
anonymous group made the book The Japan That Can't Say No
available in English translation on the Internet.
Prefaced to their edition was the note, "We hope that
reading The Japan That Can't Say No will help to jolt
Americans out of their complacency." This month's IBJ
tells you how to access this controversial book on the


Advertising on the Net - Limitations to Internet
Elizabeth Lane Lawley

In this article Elizabeth Lane Lawley attempts to find
advertising's place on the Internet by looking at the
history of advertising on the Internet, user reaction to
advertising, the potential for advertising in Cyberspace
and the question of what is acceptable advertising

Elizabeth Lane Lawley is the founder of Internet Training
& Consulting Services, as well as an instructor and
doctoral student at the University of Alabama's School of
Library and Information Studies.

Selling Software on the Internet - Usenet as an
Advertising Forum
Stephen Balbach

"The possible ways to use the resources of the Internet
for distributing services and software is a business
opportunity that has yet to be defined, an opportunity
that, given current trends of exponential Internet
growth, will take off for those willing and able to see
that it exists." Stephen Balbach has created a business
for himself in distribution of free software through the
mail. Find out how he uses his Internet connection for
advertising and much more.

Stephen Balbach is currently following his dream of
working on the Internet and is also an employee of Clark
Internet Services, Baltimore's first public dial-up
Internet provider.

Advertising by E-Mail
Philip M. Tsang & Ken Eustace

This article provides some preliminary findings from the
Internet Signature Project and will be of interest to
commercial Internet users who are considering using
electronic mail to advertise events, products, and
services. The Internet advertising techniques discussed
in the article are: the use of personal signatures in
daily e-mail communications, the use of .plan or similar
files for finger inquiry, and the use of animated

Regular Features:

Telecom Review

Mr. William Park has written a review of events in the
telecommunications industry for September and October.

Directory - Internet Trainers and Consultants

One of the most frequent requests the IBJ editors receive
is for information on Internet trainers and consultants.
As a result, IBJ is now compiling a directory of Net
trainers and consultants and will make this document
freely available on the Internet. Contact
mstrange@fonorola.net to be included in the IBJ Directory
of Internet Trainers and Consultants.

Internet Publishing News

A new regular feature, the Internet Publishing News will
track developments in Internet facilitated publishing.

Internet Marketplace

IBJ will be offering Internet Marketplace as a regular
feature that will provide readers with information about
new Internet-facilitated businesses that are using the
Net to sell their wares.

Other Items Covered In This Issue:

The WELL: Small Town on the Internet Highway
Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Internet Resource
Law Related Internet Archives
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
National Awards for Excellence in Business-Education
Telephone Code Indexes
Nafta Documents
Catalogue of Free Database Software
Shareware Book Online
The Internet Hunt
Creating a Finger File
Animated E-Mail
Cello Winsock
The Net Advertiser
Internet Marketing Service for Advertisers
Online Catalog of Goods and Services
Roswell Computer Books
Legal Researchers Online
Travel Savings Via E-Mail
Realtors Online
Commercial Users Discover Internet
ANS CO+RE Introduce Nationwide Internet Access
First Commercial Network for Women
Murdoch Buys Delphi
Senator Kennedy Online
The Management Archive, University of Minnesota
Centre for Labour Studies, University of Adelaide
Asia Pacific Business & Marketing Resources
International Marketing Insights - Japan
East and Southeast Asian Business and Management
Japanese Business and Management
Korean Business and Management
Economics and Business Journals
USA Federal Jobs
U.S. Federal Budget 1993
Singapore's IT2000 Plan for Info Technology
Texas A&M (Business)
Texas A&M (Economics)
Resources for Economists on the Net
Israeli R&D Archive
Catalogue of Free Databases
Journalism Resource Directory
Economics Bulletin Board at U of Michigan
New England Electronic Data Centre
Service Models for Packet Networks
National Online Media Association
Free Access to Commerce Business Daily
Environmental Protection Agency Gopher
Softlocks for Software and E-Texts
National Export Strategy, TPCC Report to Congress
Patent Titles Via E-Mail
List for Business Faculty
Economic Bulletin Board of the U.S. Department of

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