7.0248 Update Penn Religious Studies Dept Crisis (1/14)

Mon, 18 Oct 1993 10:15:05 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0248. Monday, 18 Oct 1993.

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1993 01:19:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: kraft@ccat.sas.upenn.edu (Robert Kraft)
Subject: Update: Penn ReligSt Dept Crisis

Very briefly, the scheduled Arts and Sciences Faculty meeting was held
today with much discussion of the Dean's recommendation to close three
departments, etc. [see earlier postings]. The discussion was still in
progress when the room had to be vacated for an evening class! Thus the
discussion will be continued on 21 October. A proposal has been made to
suspend the recommended actions until proper consultation, including
external review of the departments in question, can be effected. Several
colleagues addressed the specific situation with regard to Religious
Studies, in an encouraging show of understanding and support. Look for a
further update in two weeks or so! Your letters and responses thus far
have been very heartening and helpful to us. Don't stop now.

Bob Kraft, UPenn