7.0253 NEH Summer Seminar in Berlin (1/42)

Tue, 19 Oct 1993 21:29:09 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0253. Tuesday, 19 Oct 1993.

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 09:44:20 -0800
From: wmiller@garnet.berkeley.edu (Wayne Miller)
Subject: NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers in Berlin


I would like to post the following announcement on the behalf of
Professor Anton Kaes. I am not directly associated with this seminar;
please don't send inquiries to me. The proper email address for
questions, information and applications is shlowent@garnet.berkeley.edu.


Wayne Miller
Workstation Support Services
University of California, Berkeley


NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers in Berlin

TOPIC: "The City and Modernity: Film, Literature, and Urban Culture
in the Weimar Republic"
Location: Berlin
Director: Professor Anton Kaes
Dates: June 13-August 5, 1994 (8 weeks)
Stipend: $4,000
APPLICATION Deadline: March 1, 1994
RESTRICTIONS: US Citizenship or permanent resident status; finished
degree; teaching at a college that does not grant a Ph.D.in German or Film;
interest in the Weimar Republic and/or modernism.

The seminar will focus on the responses of German filmmakers
(Lang, Murnau, Pabst, among others) and intellectuals (Benjamin,
Kracauer, Brecht) to the contradictory experience of rapid modernization
and urbanization. College teachers of film, history, German literature
and culture, feminist studies, mass communication, and popular culture
are encouraged to apply. A knowledge of German is not required.

For application forms and further information, please call: (510)642-7445,
or write *shlowent@garnet.berkeley.edu* or Professor Anton Kaes,
Department of German, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720.