7.0282 E-Journal: Info Technology and Disabilities (1/77)

Tue, 2 Nov 1993 15:43:41 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0282. Tuesday, 2 Nov 1993.

Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1993 22:32:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Prof Norm Coombs <NRCGSH@RITVAX.BITNET>
Subject: Announcing E-journal on Info Tech and Disabilities



_Information Technology and Disabilities_ is a refereed
journal devoted to the practical and theoretical issues
surrounding the development and effective use of new and emerging
technologies by computer users with disabilities. Founded by
EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information), _Information
Technology and Disabilities_ will feature articles on issues
affecting educators (K through college), librarians, adaptive
technology trainers, rehabilitation counselors, human resources
professionals, and developers of adaptive computer hardware and
software products. In addition to refereed, in-depth feature
articles on issues of concern to our target audience,
_Information Technology and Disabilities_ will feature a number
of regular departments, each edited by an expert in the field.

_Information Technology and Disabilities_ is intended for
educators, librarians, academic computing staff, job
accommodations/human relations professionals, and others
interested in new technology and its effective use by people with
disabilities. The premier issue of _Information Technology and
Disabilities_ will include invited feature articles by leaders in
the field of computing and disability. Future articles will be
refereed, and the editorial board plans to have the contents
of the journal indexed in a number of standard reference
sources. The editors invite submission of feature articles as
well as news of forthcoming publications, research in progress,
upcoming events, or any other tidbits of interest to the many
professionals concerned with the impact of technology on the
lives of people with disabilities.

Interested authors should contact Tom McNulty for a copy of
"Guidelines for Authors." News items, publication notices, and
other ephemera may be submitted via electronic or paper mail to:

Tom McNulty
_Information Technology and Disabilities_
Bobst Library, New York University
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012
voice: 212/998-2519
TDD (leave message): 212/998-4980

Editorial Board

Dick Banks, University of Wisconsin, Stout
Carmela Castorina, UCLA
Danny Hilton-Chalfen, PhD, UCLA
Norman Coombs, PhD, Rochester Institute of Technology
Alistair D. N. Edwards, PhD, University of York, UK
Joe Lazzaro, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
Steve Noble, Recording for the Blind
Lawrence A. Scadden, PhD, National Science Foundation
Bob Zenhausern, PhD, St. John's University


Plain ASCII electronic text, made available via Internet at St.
John's University gopher. Future plans include production of a
print version through a commercial press.


Computer Users with Disabilities
Educators (K-College)
Rehabilitation Professionals
Research and Development (Adaptive Technology) Professionals
Campus Computing Faculty and Staff
Public, Academic and Research Librarians
Human Resources Professionals