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Subject: Proceedings Workshop "OCR in the Historical Discipline"

Proceedings workshop "OCR in the Historical Discipline"

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* Proceedings of the workshop "Optical Character *
* Recognition in the Historical Discipline" *
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Now available are the proceedings of the international work-
shop : "Optical Character Recognition in the Historical
Discipline" that was held from 10 to 12 June 1993 in Leiden,
the Netherlands.
This workshop was organised by the NETHERLANDS HISTORICAL
The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a limited
number of specialists in the area of optical character
recognition, in order to exchange expertise on the possi-
bilities and problems of the optical reading of historical
documents. The workshop took place under the auspices of the
International Association for History and Computing. Special
sessions were held on four topics:

1. Applications of OCR on historical sources
2. Recognition of handwritten material
3. Pre- and post-processing in the conversion proces
4. Recognition of non-Latin fonts

Each participant of the workshop was invited to present a
paper on one of these topics. Four papers per topic were
scheduled. The papers that were presented on this workshop
are published by Manfred Thaller, Max-Planck-Institut fur
Geschichte in co-operation with Scripta Mercaturae Verlag,
in: Halbgraue Reihe zur Historischen Fachinformatik, Serie
A, Band 18, "Optical Character Recognition in the Historical
Discipline. Proceedings of an International Workgroup"
(St. Katharinen 1993).


'Preface' by the organizing committee

'Introduction' by Leen Breure, general secretary of the
International Association for History and Computing and for-
mer chairman of the Low Countries Association for History
and Computing (VGI).

I. Applications of OCR on Historical Sources:
'Historical OCR Projects in Norway' by Gunnar Thorvaldsen,
Norwegian Historical Data Centre, University of Tromso,

'The Bakunin Project and Optical Character Recognition' by
Bernedine Bos and Anke van der Moer, International Institute
of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

'Optical Frisian Character Recognition' by Jogchum Reitsma,
Fryske Akademie, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

'The Irish Database Project: a Case for OCR ?' by Ann
McVeigh, Queens University of Belfast, Ireland.

II. Recognition of Handwritten Material:
'Off-line and On-line Handwritten Recognition' by Eric
Helsper and Lambert Schomaker, Nijmegen Institute for Cog-
nition and Information, University of Nijmegen, The

'An Interactive System for Recognition of Manuscripts' by
Susan Laflin, School of Computer Science, University of Bir-
mingham, United Kingdom.

'A Recurrent Network Approach to the Automatic Reading of
Handwriting' by Andrew Senior, Cambridge University Engi-
neering Department, United Kingdom.

'Computerized Script Analysis and Classification: Some
Directions for Research' by John B. Friedman, University of
Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, USA.

III. Pre- and Post-Processing in the Conversion Process:
'Pre- and Post- Processing in the Conversion Process for
Optical Character Recognition' by Harold C. Ogg, Information
Services, Academic Computer Faculty, Roosevelt University,
Chicago, USA.

'Scanning, Keyboarding, and Data Verification: Factors in
Selecting Data Collection Technologies' by Mark Olsen, ARTFL
Project, University of Chicago, USA.

'Symbol Correspondence for Integrating Multiple OCR Outputs'
by Vincente P. Concepcion and Donald P. D'Amato, MITRE,
McLean, Virginia, USA.

'Converting the Historical Dictionary of Dutch to Electronic
Form' by Truus Kruyt and John van der Voort van der Kleij,
Institute of Dutch Lexicology INL, Leiden University, The

IV. Recognition of non-Latin Fonts:
'Applications of OCR in Russian Historical Sources: a Com-
parison of Various Programs' by Leonid Borodkin, Valery
Lazarev and Evgeny Zlobin, Historical Informatics Lab., His-
tory Faculty, Moscow State University, Russia.

'Optical Recognition of Music' by William McGee and Paul
Merkley, Electrical Engineering and Musiology, University of
Ottawa, USA.

'Pattern Recognition of Gothic Fonts' by Ren van Horik,
Netherlands Historical Data Archive, Leiden University, The

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