7.0297 CFP I: Computers and Writing (1/88)

Thu, 25 Nov 1993 16:16:41 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0297. Thursday, 25 Nov 1993.

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 93 21:59:27 CST
From: Eric Crump <LCERIC@MIZZOU1>
Subject: Computers & Writing Conference: Deadline extension

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for submitting proposals has been
extended to November 30 due to a delay in mailing the print
version of the call.

Call for Proposals:
The Tenth


Hosted by the University of Missouri
Columbia, MO
May 20-23, 1994

The Global Web of Writing Technologies

We invite proposals that pertain in some way (any way!) to the use
of computers at any level of writing education, K-12 to community
colleges to colleges and large universities, from technologically
rich environments to places where instruction with computers is
just getting started. Hands-on sessions, demonstrations, or any
other format that encourages audience participation and interaction
are particularly welcome.

We will have adequate access to a multiple user environment
(MediaMOO, probably, or Internet Relay Chat) for conference
activities. Presenters who are interested in trying something
rather new might want to consider proposing sessions that include
realtime conferencing over the Internet using these systems.

Presenters whose proposals are accepted will be asked to
submit longer versions for use in conjunction with the
electronic conference. Details will be included in
acceptance notices.

We like electronic submission, but acceptance is not in any way
contingent upon it. Submissions can also be made in print or on 3.5
inch computer disks, initialized either in Macintosh or IBM format,
as long as the text is saved in ASCII (text) format. Notification
will be made in January 1994.

Please submit a 200- to 300-word abstract plus title for individual
presentations, for poster sessions, and for each portion of panel
presentations. For roundtables, think tanks, and readings (creative
writing, for example), please submit a single 300-word abstract with
names and addresses of each participant along with descriptions of the
contribution each participant will make. For workshops, please include,
in addition to a single 300-word abstract, an estimated timetable of

We also invite alternative session formats to the ones listed
here. Past conference-goers have expressed interest in more
of the hands-on and demo-type sessions, but presenters should
also feel free to suggest presentation formats that best fit
their work (although in the interest of the organizers' sanity,
it might be good to also suggest standard options in case the
preferred version simply can't be made to fit the program).

Include name, institutional affiliation, postal address, and electronic
mail address for each presenter.

Each submission should include a description, as precise as possible,
of equipment needs, if any. We do not guarantee absolutely that
equipment requests will be fulfillable, but we will do our best to
provide excellent technical support and will work with presenters to
make the best arrangements we can. Computer classrooms and labs
sporting IBM 55s with OS/2 2.1 or DOS 6.0 and Macintosh Centris
computers with System 7.1 will be available. Any additional hardware
or software requirements will need to be arranged on a case-by-case

Send electronic submissions (and any other correspondence) to: Eric Crump
at LCERIC@mizzou1.bitnet or LCERIC@mizzou1.missouri.edu. Please include
somewhere in the subject line: CWC94.

Send disks and print submissions to: Eric Crump, 231 Arts & Science,
University of Missouri. Columbia, MO 65211.