7.0311 CELEX CD-ROM Updated Info (1/47)

Thu, 25 Nov 1993 16:50:46 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0311. Thursday, 25 Nov 1993.

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1993 19:52 +0100 (MET)
From: The Centre for Lexical Information <CELEX@MPI.NL>
Subject: CELEX lexical CD-ROM -- updated information

Detailed information concerning the English, German and Dutch lexical
databases on the CELEX CD-ROM can now be obtained by anonymous ftp from
the Linguistic Data Consortium as follows:

connect to: ftp.cis.upenn.edu
go to directory: pub/ldc
set transfer mode: binary
get file: celex.readme (information about the CELEX CD)
celex.intro.ps.Z (linguistic introduction)
celex.userguide.tar.Z (the complete User Guide)

The readme file is uncompressed and in ASCII-format. The other two, which
correspond to sections of the hardcopy CELEX User Guide written by Gavin
Burnage and which are subject to CELEX copyright, can be decompressed and
output to a postscript-capable printer. The content of this document
should provide answers to most questions regarding the content and use of

Persons outside of Europe who are interested in CELEX, but are unable
to retrieve and print the introductory text themselves, may request a
hard copy of the document from the LDC.

Persons in Europe who want a hard copy of the document mailed to
them, and anyone who still has technical questions after reading the
document, should direct their inquiries to:

Richard Piepenbrock
CELEX Project Manager
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Wundtlaan 1
The Netherlands

Tel: (+31) (0)80 - 615797
Fax: (+31) (0)80 - 521213

EARN/BITNET: celex@hnympi51
Internet: celex@mpi.nl
SURFNET: celex::celexmail
JANET: celex%hnympi51@uk.ac.earn-relay

Apart from making the introductory text freely available, the LDC is
not equipped to provide detailed replies as to technical details of
the CELEX CD-ROM. Please contact the LDC only if you need assistance
in obtaining the document, or would like to purchase the disc.