7.0352 Edwardian Novels at New York University (1/39)

Thu, 16 Dec 1993 18:12:52 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0352. Thursday, 16 Dec 1993.

Date: 16 Dec 93 10:02:54 EST
From: "Evelyn Ehrlich" <EHRLICHE@elmer1.bobst.nyu.edu>
Subject: Edwardian Novels

The following announcement may be of interest to members of this
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The Fales Library of New York University has acquired over 300
Edwardian novels written between 1901 and 1915 to supplement its
holdings of minor Edwardian novelists. Women authors are especially
well represented in this acquisition, including Rhoda Broughton,
Mary Cholmondeley, Mary Elizabeth Coleridge, Bithia Coker, Frank
Danby [Julia Frankau], Mary and Jane Findlater, Emily de Gerard,
Florence Henniker, Lucas Malet [Mrs. Mary St. Leger Harrison],
Elizabeth Thomasina Meade, Katherine Tynan, and Ethel Voynich.
Suffragette novelists are represented in the works of Beatrice
Harraden, Gertrude Renton, and Elizabeth Robins, whose personal
papers are held in the Fales Library. Other novels depict life in
the South Seas, Australia, India, and the East End of London as in
the works of George Louis Becke, Hugh Charles Clifford, Robert Murry
Gilchrist, William LeQueux, Ernest William Horning, William Jacobs,
Frederic Manning, Arthur Morrison. These novels supplement the Fales
Library's strong holdings of Conrad, Forster, Kipling, Henty and
other authors of the period.

The Fales Library, comprises over 150,000 volumes, in English and
American literature from the middle of the 18th century to the
present and documents developments in the novel. A complete list of
the authors represented in the Edwardian acquisition is available.
For more information please contact Marvin Taylor, Fales Librarian,
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, New York University, 70 Washington Sqare
South, New York, New York 10012.

Evelyn Ehrlich
Humanities Bibliographer
New York University, 70 Washington Sq. South
New York, New York 10012
(212) 998-2568