7.0371 Funding Posibilities for AHC '94 (1/52)

Thu, 23 Dec 1993 10:31:40 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0371. Thursday, 23 Dec 1993.

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 13:26:10 MET
From: AHC 94 <U204015@HNYKUN11>

Possibilities for Eastern European participants to obtain
grants for the IXth AHC Conference,
`Structures and contingencies in computerized historical
30 August 1994 - 2 September 1994, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

1. Students and scholars from all Eastern European countries:
Try the TEMPUS agency in your country. TEMPUS normally gives
gives grants to people who want to prepare Tempus Projects,
etc., but it is also possible to get funds in order to
participate in conferences.

2. Scholars from the Russian Federation, Poland, Hungary, the
Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic:
Due to an agreement between the Academies of Science of these
countries and the Netherlands, it is possible to get grants
for scholars who want to get in touch with colleagues in
the Netherlands.
The AHC Conference, which will be attended by 200 people,
is a good opportunity to do so!
Applications should be made to the Academia of Science in
the country of origin.

3. Scholars from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Russian
Federation, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic:
There is a cultural agreement between the Netherlands and
these countries. In the framework of that agreement grants
are available for scientific axchange. Contact your university
(International Relations office) or the Ministry of Education
for the procedures.

4. Scholars from countries which used to belong to the USSR:
Due to an agreement between the Universities of Leiden en Utrecht,
the Dutch branch of the Association for History and
Computing, and the GOS-branch of the AHC, a limited number of
scholars can obtain a grant to cover travel expenses, registration
fee and hotel accomodation. Applications should be made to
Prof. Dr. Leonid Borodkin
Historical Informatics Lab
Moscow State University
119899 Moscow Russia

For more information on the AHC'94 Congress, contact:
dr. O.W.A. Boonstra
Vakgroep Geschiedenis
Postbus 9103
6500 HD Nijmegen
the Netherlands
tel. + 80612825
fax + 80615939
e-m U204015@HNYKUN11.UCI.KUN.NL