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Wed, 12 Jan 1994 11:22:43 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0395. Wednesday, 12 Jan 1994.

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 94 19:03:47 EST
From: mstrange@fonorola.net (Strangelove Press)
Subject: Directory of Internet Trainers and Consultants

Now available on the Internet:

A free Internet publication from the editors of
The Internet Business Journal

January 1994 -- Version 1.0
Compiled by Lindsay Fraser-Fazakas

This document may be archived on any freely-accessible
file server, so long as no fee is charged to the user.

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or by e-mail request to mstrange@fonorola.net
Request the file Trainers Directory.


If you or your company would like to have your training
and/or consulting services listed in the Directory of
Internet Trainers and Consultants please send the
relevant information by e-mail to mstrange@fonorola.net.
There is no charge for submiting an entry.

When compiling the information please adhere to the
following format:

Company Name
Individual to contact and position of said individual
e-mail address
full postal address
telephone and fax number
Short description, not to exceed seven lines, of the
services provided.

Submit new entries or changes to:
Lindsay Fraser-Fazakas, Training Director
208 Somerset Street East, Suite A, Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada K1N 6V2
Tel: 613-565-0982

Strangelove Internet Enterprises, publishers of
THE INTERNET BUSINESS JOURNAL, offers a wide variety of
Internet training programs. Seminars, hands-on training
sessions, and advanced resource discovery classes are
offered for individuals and groups either at the
client's site or on SIE premises. Introductory courses,
as well as advanced level courses, are available and all
are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.
In addition Strangelove Internet Enterprises is
offering, in conjunction with the Toronto School of
Business, a two-week course entitled "Business and the
Internet". Strangelove Internet Enterprises also
consults for the publishing industry and provides
advertising consultancy to companies who wish to market
their products and services on the Internet.

For a free sample copy of THE INTERNET BUSINESS JOURNAL,
contact Mstrange@Fonorola.Net

A PostScript sample copy is available by FTP to nstn.ns.ca
in the directory /Internet Business Journal/
(December 1993).