7.0400 ADMYTE: Spanish MS and Texts (1/42)

Wed, 12 Jan 1994 18:08:25 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0400. Wednesday, 12 Jan 1994.

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 14:47:04 HOE
From: Francisco Marcos Marin <MARCOS@vm1.sdi.uam.es>
Subject: ADMYTE. The Digital Archive of Spanish Manuscripts and Texts

MICRONET published in 1992 ADMYTE-I, a CD-ROM containing 61 fasimiles,
accompanied by their respective ASCII transcription, a formal dictionary
for text retrieval and other tools. ADMYTE-0 has just been published. This
new CD-ROM contains 64 ASCII texts (transcribed according to the standard
of the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, Madison, Wisconsin), tools
for information retrieval, and three additional packages:

Philobiblon is a utility for bibliographical databases. Databases included
are BOOST (Bibliography of Old Spanish Texts), BOPT (B.O. Portuguese T.)
BOCT (B.O.Catalan T.). BOOST has been printed repeatedly, the electronic
version constitutes a most valuable tool for archivists, documentalists,
librarians and scholars in the fields of Bibliography, Documentation and

TACT is included in its special HSMS2TDB version, which allows the processing
of text coded following the norms of Madison (the current standard for Old
Spanish). TDB generated by HSMS2TDB are compatible with TACT2.1gamma, that
is being distributed these days.

UNITE is a package for critical editing of texts in verse (automatic and
interactive collatio and recensio).

>ADMYTE runs under Windows 3.1 and is unique, no other language or
literature is been offered in electronic form combining full facsimiles
and full transcriptions with tools for text retrieval, printing or copying to
ASCII files.

For information and orders, write to

Maria Tubau 7. Edificio Auge III
E-28050 Madrid SPAIN

fax: (34-1) 358 9544

Ap. 46348
E-28080 Madrid, Spain
PHONE: (34-1) 397 4529 / 4109 / 5250
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