7.0407 Internet Goodies: Literary Gopher; Electronic Style

Wed, 12 Jan 1994 18:37:49 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0407. Wednesday, 12 Jan 1994.

(1) Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 22:29:23 -0500 (EST) (51 lines)
From: Allegre Christian <allegre@ERE.UMontreal.CA>
Subject: A literary gopher server

(2) Date: Wed, 12 Jan 94 12:31:41 EST (27 lines)
From: Peter Graham <psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu>
Subject: Li/Crane "Electronic Style" review on ftp

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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 22:29:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Allegre Christian <allegre@ERE.UMontreal.CA>
Subject: A literary gopher server

--> Announcing the "gopheur LITTERATURES" at the Universite de Montreal.

Address: gopher.litteratures.Umontreal.ca 7070

or through the University of Montreal Main Gopher:
Address: gopher.Umontreal.ca

Dear Humanists,

Gopher servers are sprouting like mushrooms these days. Not only
universities have gopher servers, but also departments now. They can be
very useful tools to locate information and students here are very fond of
them. They are also the first step towards much more sophisticated modes
of accessing collections of research and bibliographic data, e-texts, etc...

The "Gopheur LITTERATURES" at the Universite de Montreal (UdM)
just happens to be the first gopher dedicated to teaching, research and
publications on French Literature, Quebecois Literature and Francophone
Literatures, and also the first gopher to do so in french, albeit without
the accents for the moment. (In the future we will offer the choice
between ASCII and ISO-LATIN, as is currently being done on others gophers
in the province of Quebec).

The "Gopheur LITTERATURES" is **in construction**. This means it
will be evolving. Items on the main menu indicate a program of research
conducted at the Department of etudes francaises. The goal of the gopher
is to offer electronic documentation on the Departement d'etudes
francaises, and to establish a resource center for information, tools,
links, documents, local and international, to be used by the computing
community of French scholars and students.

All comments and suggestions of sites of interest to French
Studies should be sent to:


Christian Allegre
Universite de Montreal
Departement d'etudes francaises

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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 94 12:31:41 EST
From: Peter Graham <psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu>
Subject: Li/Crane "Electronic Style" review on ftp

From: Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries
The book *Electronic Style* by Xia Li and Nancy Crane has been discussed some
on this list. I made some preliminary comments a couple of months ago. The
review I submitted will not appear for a few months and the editors of
*Internet Research* have kindly allowed me to make it available
electronically. (The book provides a guide to citation of electronic texts.)

Accordingly, I have placed an ascii text version on my machine available for
anonymous ftp. Logon as anonymous, password your node address, to
aultnis.rutgers.edu (or
You will then be in the .pub directory, in which is the file "litext"; it is
about 15K long (about 4 typed pages).

As italics won't be available some detail of the citation patterns will be

My review is both supportive and (I hope constructively) critical. I will
welcome comments but barring unforeseen need I won't make further comments
myself in the interests of bandwidth and of moving on. It's now being
advertised at $24, by the way, as opposed to the earlier notice of $15. --pg

Peter Graham psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08903 (908)932-5908; fax (908)932-5888