7.0409 Jobs: Humanities Consultant (1/51)

Wed, 12 Jan 1994 18:42:19 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0409. Wednesday, 12 Jan 1994.

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 16:15:56 -0500
From: balestri@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Diane Balestri)
Subject: humanities consultant job posting

The position of humanities computing consultant at Princeton University is
part of a dynamic and forward-looking team of instructional and media
specialists whose mission is to support teaching and learning. Please
submit resumes to the address below -- e-mail submissions are particularly
welcome. Apply promptly, as we would like to fill the position
immediately. You may also send questions about the position directly to
me: balestri@phoenix.princeton.edu.

Diane Balestri
Manager, Instructional and Media Services
Princeton University


Humanities Consultant

Information Services within CIT at Princeton University seeks a consultant
to support faculty members and students in humanities disciplines who use
information technologies in teaching and research. The consultant will
join the Instructional and Media Services group.

Responsibilities include: proactive consulting with humanities departments
and faculty about instructional and research needs; identifying,
installing, testing, and documenting software tools and applications;
supporting faculty and students in software use. In addition, the
consultant will work closely with the language laboratory coordinator on
acquisition, installation, and use of software and multimedia applications
for language instruction.
The consultant will provide expertise in text data bases and text analysis
for faculty in all disciplines and expertise in word processing and
printing with non-Roman characters and fonts.

Qualifications: minimally, a Master's degree in a humanities discipline.
Excellent knowledge of one or more foreign languages required. Strong
background (at least two years) supporting computer users in one or more of
the humanities disciplines taught at Princeton. Knowledge of both
instructional and research applications is required, as is the ability to
work on multiple projects simultaneously and to move easily among a variety
of hardware platforms, including Intel-based and Macintosh systems. Must
enjoy outreach to faculty in humanities disciplines and must possess
superior oral and written communications skills.

Application deadline: February 10, 1994.

Send resume and letter of application to Bruce Finnie, Computing and
Information Technology, 87 Prospect Avenue, Princeton University, Princeton
NJ 08544; 609-258-3943 (fax) ; finnie@pucc.princeton.edu (e-mail).
Princeton University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.