7.0417 Q: Resource Person on Sexual Harassment (1/9)

Fri, 14 Jan 1994 18:12:28 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0417. Friday, 14 Jan 1994.

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 14:24:13 CST
From: Charles Ess <DRU001D@SMSVMA>
Subject: resource persons, sexual harassment

Would my sister/fellow HUMANIST readers have suggestions regarding
resource persons to lead/facilitate a faculty workshop on sexual
We are looking for a person who can help raise faculty consciousness
on this topic with a faculty largely quite open and supportive of
the need for more faculty development in this area -- probably for a
one- or two-day workshop sometime this spring.
Persons and/or further contact points would be appreciated.
Cheers, and best wishes for the new year -- Charles Ess / Drury College