7.0422 CARF Seeking Reviewers (1/112)

Mon, 17 Jan 1994 17:22:07 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0422. Monday, 17 Jan 1994.

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 01:21:43 EST
From: "Todd J. B. Blayone" <CXFW@MUSICA.MCGILL.CA>
Subject: CARF Reviewers Wanted !

An Independent, Non-technical Bulletin for
Academics and Educators in the Humanities

C O M P U T E R - A S S I S T E D



[ISSN: 1195-9657]


From: Todd Blayone, Editor


The Computer-Assisted Research Forum is currently seeking
individuals to review the following software and book items.

Interested parties should respond by e-mail (to cxfw@musica.
mcgill.ca) with a subject line in the form:

CARF REVIEW [project number]

(Project numbers are listed below.) Interested parties should also
include a short bio highlighting their institutional affiliation and
relevant humanities-computing skills/interests.

CARF reviewers will retain a copy of each item reviewed.

Due dates (where they are not mentioned) and format/style concerns
will be transmitted to reviewers. We cannot reply to everyone who
contacts us. Therefore, we thank you in advance for you interest.

Book Reviews

Project: "C2B1"
Description: George P. Landow and Paul Delany, eds., _The Digital
Word: Text-based Computing in the Humanities_ (The MIT Press: 1993).

Project: "C2B2"
Description: George P. Landow and Paul Delany, eds., _Hypermedia and
Literary Studies_ (The MIT Press: 1991).

Project: "C2B3"
Description: Edward Barret, ed., _Sociomedia: Multimedia, Hypermedia
and the Social Construction of Knowledge_ (The MIT Press: 1992).

Project: "C2B4"
Description: Mark Stover, ed., _Electronic Information in the
Humanities_. This is the Spring 1992 issue of _Library Trends_, Vol.
40, No. 4.

Project: "C2B5"
Description: Christine Mullings, _Computers and Communications in
the Humanities: A Survey of Use_ (Office for Humanities
Communication Publications: 1992)

Project: "C2B6"
Description: Caroline Davis and Marilyn Deegan, eds., _Computers and
Language_ (Office for Humanities Communication Publications: 1992)

Project: "C2B7"
Description: CTI Centre for Modern Languages, _ReCALL Software
Guide_ (No. 3, February, 1993).

Software Reviews

Project: "C2S1"
Description: English Dictionaries for Macs and PCs. This
comparative review will include: a) Concise Oxford Dictionary, b)
Random House Websters, and c) MultiLex.
Note: Due March 11, 1994.

Project: "C2S2"
Description: DOS-Based Bibliography Program Roundup. This review,
the third in a series, will feature notes on the latest versions of
Library Master and Pro-Cite, provide complete reviews of Note
Builder and Reference Manager, and present a Feature Comparison
chart comparing the latest versions of Library Master, Pro-Cite,
Papyrus, EndNote, Note Builder and Reference Manager. This review
will end CARF's coverage of DOS-based bibliographic programs.
***CARF is seeking a co-author who will review Note Builder and
Reference Manager.
Note: Due March 7, 1994.

Project: "C2S3"
Description: Cyrillic Support for Windows and SlavicSwiss Cyrillic
(TrueType and Type 1) Fonts. These packages provide keyboard and
font-level support for processing all modern Slavic languages
(i.e., all those that use the Cyrillic alphabet) in a Microsoft
Windows environment.
Note: Due March 4, 1994.

Project: "C2S4"
Description: WinGreek and BibleScript. This is a comparative review
of two keyboard/font utilities that support the processing of
biblical languages under Microsoft Windows.

***Thats all for now folks!