7.0489 R: Printer/Scanner/Fax (1/28)

Tue, 15 Feb 1994 18:13:30 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0489. Tuesday, 15 Feb 1994.

date: Tuesday
from: Robert Greer (212) 346-8450, 8452 Greer at BMAcadm

re: combination printer / scanner / fax

i. Fax. machines with computer interfaces have been marketed without

much success; their resolution, both printing and scanning, has

been too low to be of much interest, 200 d.p.i.

ii. A few weeks ago I saw an ad in a business publication for an

all-in-one system; it mentioned a plain-paper printer, which

is all the rage in the fax. community. It didn't say whether

it was a laser printer or an ink-jet; most plain-paper faxes

are the latter.)

iii. There are many MS-DOS and Windows fax. programs availble;

are you looking for some special feature?

iv. At least one company, Practical Peripherals, makes a plug-in fax.

cartridge for the H.P. LaserJet; it does not, of course, transmit,

but allows the laser printer to connect to both the 'phone line and

the p.c.