7.0533 New Gopher Server from ARL (1/16)

Tue, 1 Mar 1994 23:24:16 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0533. Tuesday, 1 Mar 1994.

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 1994 07:40:56 -0600
From: Natalie Maynor <maynor@Ra.MsState.Edu>
Subject: New Gopher Server

Other net-surfers may already have found this, but I haven't seen any
references to it. The Association of Research Libraries (Washington
DC) has an interesting new gopher server with material of interest to
library users of all kinds: gopher to arl.cni.org and see what you find.
What was most striking is an apparently brand new report (under "Scholarly
Communication") from the Mellon Foundation in New York, laying out their
view of the world of electronic scholarly publication and calling at the
end for proposals from people who wish to get money from them for
demonstration projects. The report itself is very interesting, and the
prospect of Mellon support for these things is potentially important.
Apparently they would welcome inquiries. (The short report appears side
by side on the gopher with the much longer text of the book they did last
year, -University Libraries and Scholarly Communication-, that is more or
less a historical and analytical survey of all the issues involved, and is
very interesting in its own right.)
--Natalie (maynor@ra.msstate.edu)