7.0549 Philosophy Resources: Usenet (1/48)

Sat, 5 Mar 1994 18:27:52 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0549. Saturday, 5 Mar 1994.

Date: 3 Mar 94 16:17:40 GMT
From: David Potts <MFEPGDP@fs1.art.man.ac.uk>
Subject: Philosophy Resources (3/3)

Usenet Groups.

I have found only a few Usenet groups relevant to philosophy. The
material carried on Usenet is on the whole of a lower standard. As
access is more widespread than other Net resources hence these groups
tend to be very chatty in nature and a lot of the philosophy about
whether or not there is a God. But by the same reasoning they also
reach a larger audience if you are seeking help.

Artificial Intelligence and the Philosophy of Mind.

Groups : comp.ai

These are two good groups for the discussion of consciousness,
theories of mind etc.
Clearly the comp.ai.philosophy deal with more philosophical issues
but the two groups tend to overlap.

General Philosophy.

Groups : sci.philosophy.meta

Both these groups deal with general discussions of philosophy. The
"tech" group aimed at more technical matters however both are at a
fairly low level.


Group : sci.logic

This groups discusses both philosophical and formal logic but tends
to be based strongly from a computer science outlook.

Any more?

To state the obvious this is a very short list. If you know of any
other Usenet groups that are good philosophical sources please let me

David Potts.

E-Mail : mfepgdp@fs1.art.man.ac.uk

3 March 1994.