7.0557 Scholarly E-Conferences List -- 8th Rev (1/347)

Wed, 9 Mar 1994 23:02:12 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0557. Wednesday, 9 Mar 1994.

Date: Wed, 09 Mar 94 18:36:59 EST
From: Diane Kovacs <DKOVACS@KENTVM>
Subject: 8th Revision Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences now

8th Revision Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences
1. How to Retrieve the Directory of Scholarly Electronic
2. Scope of the Directory
3. The Directory Team
4. Subscription Instructions
5. Definitions
6. Archives

1. How to retrieve the Directory of Scholarly E-Conferences
ACADLIST README (explanatory notes for the Directory)
ACADLIST INDEX (Listname and Keyword Index of the Directory) 96 k
ACADSTAC HQX (binhexed, self-decompressing, HYPERCARD
version of the Directory - Keyword
searchable) 587 k (1 meg. decompressed.)
ACADSMAL HQX (discontinued but the regular stack should work
on small screen Macs now.
ACADLIST FILE1 (Education and Library and Information
Science) 120 k
ACADLIST FILE2 (Art and Architecture through Linguistics and Text
Analysis) 79 k
ACADLIST FILE3 (Literature through Writing) 98 k
ACADLIST FILE4 (Social Sciences) 141 k
ACADLIST FILE5 (Biological Sciences) 63 k
ACADLIST FILE6 (Physical Sciences) 77 k
ACADLIST FILE7 (Business, Economics, Publishing and News) 38 k
ACADLIST FILE8 (Computer Science) 77 k
ACADLIST FILE9 (Social, Cultural, and Political Aspects of
Computing; and Academic Computing Support) 96 k

PRINT version is available from the Association for Research
Libraries. The print version is combined with the Directory of
Electronic Journals and is called _The Directory of Electronic
Journals Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists_ Contact
Ann Okerson - ann@cni.org for more information.
How to retrieve files from the LISTSERV@KENTVM or
1. Send an e-mail message addressed to LISTSERV@KENTVM or
2. Leave the subject and other info lines blank.
3. The message must read:
GET Filename Filetype f=mail
(e.g., ACADLIST FILE1 or ACADSTAC HQX or whatever)
4. If you need assistance receiving, etc. contact your local
Computer Services people

How to retreive files via anonymous FTP to KSUVXA.KENT.EDU
1. type: ftp KSUVXA.KENT.EDU
at your dollar sign prompt (VAX) your shell prompt (Unix) or
ready screen (IBM VM). If you are on another kind of system
consult with your computer services people to find out the
proper procedure.
2. when prompted for 'USERID,' type anonymous
3. Your password will be your actual userid on your local
4. Type: cd library
5. Type: get Filename.Filetype
(e.g., ACADLIST.FILE1 or ACADSTAC.HQX or whatever)
6. The files will be transferred directly into the directory
you ftp'ed from.

GOPHER gopher.usask.ca and gopher.cni.org (there are
several other sites as well)

2. Scope of the Directory
This directory contains descriptions of electronic
conferences (e-conferences) on topics of interest to
scholars. E-conference is the umbrella term that includes
discussion lists, Internet interest groups, e-journals, e-
newsletters, Usenet newsgroups, forums, etc. We have used
our own judgment in deciding what is of scholarly interest,
and accept any advice or argument about our decisions. We
have placed the entries into categories by deciding the
*dominant* academic subject area of the electronic
conference. Usenet Newsgroups have been directly reviewed
for inclusion in this version. The Internet and Bitnet
addresses are marked with an (I) or a (B) respectively. Earn
and Usenet sites are marked with an (E) or a (U)

Many LISTSERV e-conferences have peer sites, in order to save
space we have only listed the main LISTSERV node for these.

Where possible, the information in each record has been
checked for currency and accuracy by contacting the
moderators or other contact person.

We chose the term *moderator* as the umbrella term to
describe: contact person, coordinator, listowner, editor,
moderator, etc.; whoever is in charge.

The field labels are as follows:
LN: (e-conference name)
TI: (topic information)
SU: (subscription information)
ED: (edited? Yes or No - Private lists were called edited)
AR: (archived? if Yes, frequency, Private=subscribers only)
MO: (moderator, editor, listowner, manager, coordinator,etc.)
SA: (submission address(es))
KE: (keywords)

Topic descriptions are taken in whole or part from the
descriptions provided by each moderator. Thank you to Marty
Hoag, Listowner of New-List for providing the archives of
New-List as a clearing house for list information. Special
thank you to David Hartland. NISP/Mailbase Project, Computing
Service, The University, Newcastle upon Tyne for information
on 235 of the United Kingdom MAILBASE e-conferences. Thank
you also to Teri Harrison for updating and providing
information on the COMSERVE conferences, Pedro Saizar for
providing information on Latin American Studies electronic
conferences, Joseph Van Zwaren for Israeli electronic
conference information, and Joan Korenman for information on
Women's Studies conferences, Jean Schneider for confirming
european e-conferences and Hunter Monroe for checking on the
unannounced and relocated e-conferences. Thank you very
sincerely to all the individuals who contributed conference
names, information and feedback about conference statuses.
Any errors are the responsibility of the compilers of each
section. If you can provide corrections or additional
information about any of these electronic conferences, please
contact the Directory Team member responsible for that area

Diane Kovacs - Editor-in-Chief

3. The Directory Team:
Diane Kovacs - Editor-in-Chief
(Bitnet)dkovacs@kentvm (Internet)dkovacs@kentvm.kent.edu)
Humanities: Comparative & Interdisciplinary Humanistic
Linguistics and Text Analysis
Education: Computer Assisted Instruction/Educational
Education: Educational Research (general), Grants and
Education: Higher, Adult and Continuing Education
Education: Primary, Secondary (K-12), Vocational and
Education: Miscellaneous Education, Alumni and Student

Gladys Bell
(Bitnet) gbell@kentvm (Internet) gbell@kentvm.kent.edu
Anthropology and Archaeology
Geography and Misc.Regional and Individual Country Studies
Latin American Studies
Social Work
Social Activism
Sociology and Demography

Michael Kovacs (Internet) mkovacs@mcs.kent.edu
Computer Science; Social, Cultural and Political aspects of
Computers and Academic Computer Support FILE

Paul Fehrmann (Bitnet) pfehrman@kentvm (Internet)
Communication Studies
Philosophy and Ethics
Religious Studies

Leslie Haas (Bitnet)lhaas@kentvm
Education: Special Education, Developmental Disabilities,
Physical Disabilities and ADA (Americans with Disabilities
Law and Criminal Justice
Political Science and Politics
Weather and Meteorology
Animal Sciences (Zoology)
Environmental Sciences
(ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act Interest Section
Jeannie Langendorfer (Bitnet)jlangend@kentvm
Biological Sciences FILE
(except Animal Sciences and Environmental Sciences)
Womens Studies/Gender Studies
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Jolene Miller/Amey Park (Bitnet)apark@kentvm
(Internet)jmiller@kentvm.kent.edu / apark@kentvm.kent.edu
Physical Sciences FILE(except Weather)
Kara Robinson (Bitnet)krobinso@kentvm
Library and Information Science
Publishing and Related Issues
Theater, Film and Television
4. General Subscription Instructions:
To subscribe to a LISTSERV (both Unix Internet and IBM/VM
LISTSERV software is in use.  Both Internet and Bitnet
addresses are provided where possible), COMSERVE, LISTPROC,
list send an e-mail message addressed to the Bitnet or
Internet address provided in the SU: field.  Leave the
subject line blank.  The text of the message *must* read:
SUBSCRIBE LISTNAME Yourfirstname Yourlastname Your
(LISTNAME means the name of the list..e.g. if the LN: field
Bitnet users should use the Bitnet address.  Internet users
should use the Internet server address.  Do not include any
other text and *leave the subject line blank* as this is
being read by a computer and not a person....the machine just
won't understand and will bounce back your command if it is
not worded as specified above.
To subscribe to Internet Interest Groups, you send an e-mail
message to list-REQUEST@host (e.g., SOC-CULTURE-GREEK-
REQUEST@CS.WISC.EDU). The -REQUEST address gets you to the
Coordinator, rather than to the membership of the entire e-
conference.  Please look carefully at the entry for each list
you are interested in, to see if a -REQUEST address has been
provided. Include your name, address, and institutional
affiliation in your message
Usenet Newsgroups are generally accessed by typing "RN" or
"NN" at the shell prompt, ready screen or $ prompt on your e-
mail account.  Check with your Computer Services People to
find out what the local availability and procedures are for
access to Usenet Newsgroups.
Subscription directions for other types of discussions are
included with individual entries.
5. Definitions
BITNET--Because Its Time Network...BITNET was established as
an academic network for scholars from different universities
all over the world to communicate with each other.  BITNET
uses RSCS protocol.  This means that messages/commands are
"leap-frogged" from one BITNET connected Computer to another
(e.g., Kent State University to Ohio State University to
University of Houston).
EARN-- is the European Academic Research Network and works
similarly to (and is directly connected to) the Bitnet.
FTP-- File Transfer Protocol, allows moving files from one
computer to another using the Internet protocols.
Internet-- The international network of networks based on the
TCP/IP protocol.  That is, to be connected to the Internet, a
computer must be running the TCP/IP software, have a
registered domain, and a telecommunications connection to
other computers running TCP/IP (e.g., connected through
Usenet-- A worldwide Unix-based network that supports the
distribution of messages; e.g., USENET NEWS
*If you find other terms that you would like to understand
please contact us and we'll be glad to help.
6. Archives
Archives are available for many discussions.  On LISTSERV,
COMSERVE, MAILSERV and MAILBASE to receive a list of files
available from a server send the command:
You can then send the message:
GET Filename Filetype to the SERVER@NODEID.
whatever, NODEID means the site of the server which runs the
It is also possible to search Bitnet LISTSERV and COMSERVE
discussion archives for items of particular interest to you.
For details on archives searching:
For LISTSERV send the message
to a LISTSERV of your choice. (e.g. LISTSERV@PSUVM)
For COMSERVE send the message
Some discussions maintain archives available via anonymous
FTP.  This is noted where available.  In the next revision
sites where archives are maintained on other types of
Internet server, e.g. GOPHER, WWW.
Copyright 1994 by Diane K. Kovacs, The Directory Team and
Kent State University Libraries.  Single copies of this
directory from its networked sources, or of specific entries
from their networked sources, may be made for internal
purposes, personal use, or study by an individual, an
individual library, or an educational or research
institution.  The directory or its contents may not be
otherwise reproduced or republished in excerpt or entirety,
in print or electronic form, without permission from Diane K.
Kovacs, Kent State University Libraries.(dkovacs@kentvm.kent.edu)
Diane K. Kovacs, Editor-in-Chief
_Directory of Scholarly E-Conferences_
(via anonymous ftp ksuvxa.kent.edu, library directory)