7.0573 ALLC-ACH '94 Program (1/581)

Sun, 20 Mar 1994 19:28:47 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0573. Sunday, 20 Mar 1994.

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 1994 13:37:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: ALLCACH94 Programme

* Colloque international *
* ALLC Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing *
* ACH Association for Computers and the Humanities *
* Paris - Sorbonne - 19-23 avril 1994 *


\a = a + grave accent :e = e + dieresis
:A = A + dieresis +e = e + circumflex accent
/e = e + acute accent /i = i + acute accent
/E = E + acute accent +i = I + circumflex accent
\e = e + grave accent :O = O + dieresis
Thursday 14th and Friday 15th April

09.00-17.00 /Ecole normale sup/erieure de Fontenay Saint-Cloud
SALEM (Andr/e) and TOURNIER (Maurice), S/eminaire: "Statistique textuelle"
DELCOURT (Christian), Tutorial: "Use and misuse of statistics in
literary and linguistic studies"

Tuesday 19th April

10.15-11.00 Room "Richelieu"
SALEM (Andr/e), POUSSOU (Jean-Pierre), GRUNIG (Blanche-No:elle),
MARTIN (Robert), HOCKEY (Susan), IDE (Nancy) and TOURNIER (Maurice),
Welcome speeches.

Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Room "Descartes" Epistemology
GANTS (David L.): Toward a rationale of electronic textual criticism.
LIEBERT (Wolf-Andreas): Metaphora ex machina: how to use the creative
potential of the humanities for the "hard sciences".
MEISTER (Jan Christoph): Against the quest for "zero meaning". Theory and
practice of a computer based analysis of "action" - structures in literary

11.00-12.30 Room "Guizot" Databases
SIMONS (Gary F.): Conceptual modeling versus visual modeling: a
technological key to building consensus.
STORRER (Angelika) and HAUSER (Ralf): Automatic recognition of
textual structures of dictionaries.
ZARRI (Gian Piero): Automatic representation of the semantic content of
complex legal texts.

11.00-12.30 Room "Richelieu" Computational linguistics
BOUCHAFFRA (Djamel), LALLICH-BOIDIN (Genevi\eve) et ROUAULT (Jacques):
Des mots et des nombres.
HABERT (Beno+it): Hi/erarchie sur les r\egles syntactiques et s/emantiques
pour l'analyse des textes
MOLIA (Andr/e): Une approche computationnelle de la coordination de
cat/egories diff/erentes en fran'cais.


14.00-15.30 Room "Descartes" Greek
GRIGAR (Dene) and CORWIN (Mindi): The Loom and the Weaver: Hypertext
and Homer's Odyssey?
SCALTSAS (Theodore): Project Archelogos.
VAGELATOS (Aristidis) et al.: An Analysis of the Literary Style of
Poet A. Sikelianos: A Computer Based Approach.

14.00-15.30 Room "Guizot" TACT (Chair: Edward Heinemann);
JACQUET-PFAU (Christine): TACT appliqu/e \a un corpus de po\emes,
Alcools de Guillaume Appolinaire.
WOOLRIDGE (T. Russon): Acquisition de la langue assist/ee par TACT.
HEINEMANN (Edward A.): Vers un corpus /electronique de chansons de
geste index/ees sous TACT.

14.00-15.30 Room "Richelieu" Textual studies
BEHAR (Henri): Traitement /electronique des donn/ees en histoire de
la litt/erature fran'caise, bilan premier.
GICQUEL (Bernard): Stylistique litt/eraire assist/ee par ordinateur.
POSWICK (R/eginald-Ferdinand): Recherche sur texte(s) : l'art reste

Coffee break

16.00-18.00 Room "Descartes" Hypertext (Chair: Elli Mylonas);
MYLONAS (Elli): Directions in Hypertext Research: Four systems.
An Introduction.
BERNSTEIN (Mark): On Writing Hypertexts: Tools for Information Farming.
MARSHALL (Catherine): Aquanet and VIKI.
NANARD (Marc): Knowledege-Based Hypertext
STREITZ (Norbet A.): Computer Support for Authoring with a Cooperative
Hypermedia System

16.00-18.00 Room "Guizot" Humanities computing
KOCH (Christian): Redirecting Humanities Computing: Emphasizing
Technique in Support of Point of View.
SEAMAN (David M.) From Margin to Mainstream, Creating a Broad-Based
Humanities Computing User Community at the University of Virginia.
SHORT (Harold), ORE (Espen) and SCOTT (Catherine): Resources and structures
to support Humanities Computing

18.00-19.00 Room "Richelieu"
ACH Annual Meeting

Wednesday 20th April

09.00-10.30 Room "Descartes" Linguistics and the computer
COPPEN (Bas) and VAN BAKEL: The Computerization of Linguistics.
GREEN (Georgia) and LAKE (J. Michael): Grammar Development Environments
in Teaching and Research.
MORENO-TORRES (Ignacio): Computer Assisted Learning of Computational

09.00-10.30 Room "Guizot" English literature
DAWSON (John L.): The Ring of "The Lord of the Rings": A Dimensional
Analysis of Narrative and Dialogue.
ROBINSON (Peter M. W.): The Canterbury Tales Project.
ROMMEL (Thomas): Temporal and Topographical references in Robinson Crusoe.

09.00-10.30 Room "Richelieu" Lexicometry and politics
BOURQUE (Gilles) et DUCHASTEL (Jules): Pour une analyse du discours
politique assist/ee par ordinateur
GUILHAUMOU (Jacques): L'analyse de discours et la lexicom/etrie.
Le" P\ere Duchesne" et le mouvement cordelier (1793-1794)
ROMEU (Lydia): L'approche statistique d'une s/erie textuelle chronologique:
les discours du G/en/eral Franco.

Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Room "Descartes" Corpora
BRODDA (Benny): Automatic Tagging of Turns in the London-Lund Corpus
with respect to Type of Turn
ERMAN (Britt): Computer analysis of female and male conversational strategies
in same-sex and mixed-sex interaction in the London-Lund Corpus.
K:ALLGREN (Gunnel), ERIKSSON (Gunnar) and H:OGLUND (Magnus):
Introducing the SUC: A large Balanced Corpus, Linguistically Analyzed
and Marked-up in Accordance with Recommendations Issued by the Text
Encoding Initiative.

11.00-12.30 Room "Guizot" History and the computer
CRAVEN (Paul) and HAY (Douglas): Spreading the word, the imperial
dissemination of English employement law, 1562-1950 - a textual approach.
OLSEN (Mark): The Parisian Stage from 1789 to 1799, a Study of the
Social, Economic and Political Contexts of Text.
ROCKWELL (Geoffrey) and BRADLEY (John): A Growing Fascination with
Dialogue: Bibliographic Databases and the Recent History of Ideas

11.00-12.30 Room "Richelieu" Literary statistics
BEAUDOUIN (Val/erie): Corneille et Racine
BRUGIDOU (Mathieu): Distribution irr/eguli\ere des mots-th\emes.
LABB/E (M. Dominique) and HUBERT (Pierre): La richesse du vocabulaire.


14.00-15.30 Room "Descartes" Preservation
BOZZI (Andrea) and SAPUPPO (Antonio): Digital imaging and diachronical
lexicography: a proposal for the old printed French Dictionaries Archive
of the Biblioth\eque de France.
CONNER (Patrick W.): Morphing anglo-saxon scripts.
STAPLES (Thornton): Using digital images of texts in humanities research.

14.00-15.30 Room "Guizot" Non European languages
CANFIELD (Kip): Tagging navajo texts for linguistic research -
A database capture methodology.
HAVILAND (John B.): Morphological profiles: extracting categories of
Tzotzil verbal roots from textual and lexical corpora.
THOMPSON (P. M.) and PEI-CHUAN (Wei): The ULAS Corpus of Ancient Chinese
Texts - Implications for the Study of the Language and the Texts of
Chinese Antiquity.

14.00-15.30 Room "Richelieu" Statistics and methodology
BENZ/ECRI (Jean-Paul): Title to be announced
(Michel), PEYTAVI (Marc), ZAFAR (Choeb) et HAMERLAIN (Mustapha):
/El/ements de choroscopie g/eolinguistique : du calcul num/erique \a
la mod/elisation des donn/ees linguistiques : traitement de donn/ees
empiriques dans le cadre d'une th/eorie de la variabilit/e
LEBART (Ludovic): Discrimination \a partir de textes.

Coffee break

16.00-18.00 Room "Descartes"
Hypertext and English literature (Chair: Janet H. Murray);
DONALDSON (Peter S.): The Shakespeare Interactive Archive and the
Future of Multimedia Interpretive Research.
FINNERAN (Richard J.) and FIZGERALD (Mary): Towards a Hypermedia Edition
of the Poems of W.B. Yeats
FRIEDLANDER (Larry): The Stage and Beyond: Theater as a Model for
Multimedia Design.
MURRAY (Janet H.): Hamlet on the Holodeck or Towards an Aesthetics
of Cyberspace.

16.00-18.00 Room "Richelieu" Large projects
DENDIEN (Jacques): L'informatisation du dictionnaire T.L.F.
MAIGNIEN (Yannick): Texts and Libraries)
MARTIN (/Eveline): Vers un syst\eme de reconnaissance de concepts dans
un corpus textuel

18.00-19.00 Room "Richelieu"
ALLC Annual Meeting

20.00-22.00 Room "Richelieu"
TEI open session

Thursday 21st April

09.00-10.30 Room "Descartes" Metrics
BARQUIST (Claudia) and SHIE (Duane): Phonological Patterning in Old
English Prose and Verse.
HAYWARD (Malcolm): Analysis of a Large Corpus of Poetry by a
Connectionist Model of Poetic Meter.
ROBEY (David): Computer analysis and the process of interpretation: the
meter of Dante's Divine Comedy.

09.00-10.30 Room "Guizot" CALL
IRIZARRY (Estelle): Tampering with the text to teach awareness of
poetry's art (Theory and Practice with a Hispanic Perspective)
LESSARD (Greg) Prepositional usage in French 2.
TSCHUMI (Corinne) et al. Developing an English writing tool and
grammar checker for French-speakers.

09.00-10.30 Room "Richelieu" Approaches
CHARPIN (Fran'cois): TELA, un logiciel multi-media pour le traitement
de la langue et de la civilisation latines.
NUNES (Geraldo): Propositions pour une m/ethode d'analyse du discours
entrepreneurial br/esilien
PANCKHURST (Rachel): Constitution d'une base lexicale verbale.

11.00-13.00 Room "Descartes" Standardization
CALZOLARI (Nicoletta): Standardization in linguistic resources: EAGLES
and its first result
IDE (Nancy) and VERONIS (Jean): Let's not rebuild the encoding Tower of Babel
MCCARTY (Willard) and WRIGHT (Burton): Modeling and method: encoding names
in Ovid's Metamorphoses.
SPERBERG-McQUEEN (C. M.) and BURNARD (Lou): The Odd System of Tag Set

11.00-12.30 Room "Guizot" Text theory
BAAYEN (R. Harald): Derivational Productivity and Text Typology.
DELMONTE (Rodolfo) and PIANTA (Emanuele): Discourse structure and linguistic
JAPPY (Tony): Cohesion, Information and Verbal Transitions.

11.00-12.30 Room "Richelieu" Corpus exploration
CABR/E (Teresa) et YZAGUIRRE (Llu/is de): Strat/egie pour la d/etection
semi-automatique de n/eologismes de presse.
DEROUBAIX (Jean-Claude): de La s/ecurite/ sociale \a l'ins/ecurit/e.
Le mod\ele social belge dans le lexique des d/eclarations gouvernementales.
LOCHARD (Åric-Olivier: Questions de m/ethodes autour d'un thesaurus
informatis/e de configurations narratives.


Excursion to Versailles

Friday 22nd April

09.00-10.30 Room "Descartes" Textual analysis
BRADLEY (John) and ROCKWELL (Geoffrey): What Scientific Visualization Can
Teach Us about Text Analysis
HEATHER (M.A.) and ROSSITER (B.N.) Category Theory - a mathematical
breakthrough for the humanities.
HORTON (Thomas B.): Applying Advances in Software Engineering to the
Domain of Text Analysis Software.

09.00-10.30 Room "Guizot" Speech and spelling
BORELLO (Erico): Italian Text-to-Speech Synthesis: the Linguistic Processor.
ROCHET (Bernard L.): Computer technology in the understanding and reduction
of foreign accent: Toward more objectivity and a better consensus.

09.00-10.30 Room "Richelieu" Models and methods
ACHARD (Pierre): La construction discursive du sens : un mod\ele cat/egorique.
LAHLOU (Saadi): Mod/elisation des repr/esentations sociales par l'analyse
lexicale des /enonc/es de dictionnaires : une nouvelle approche pour la
psychologie sociale.
SARRAZIN (Mich\ele): Pour une utilisation raisonn/ee de l'informatique dans
les sciences humaines.

Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Room "Descartes" Quantitative linguistics
BURR (Elisabeth): Occupational termes in Italian - A corpus based approach.
KELLE (Udo), KLUGE (Susann) and PREIN (Gerald): Computer-aided Methods for
the Analysis of Verbal Data in Ethnography and Interpretative Sociology.
KRETZSCHMAR, Jr. (William A.): Linguistic Theory and Computer Modeling
of Linguistic Survey Data.

11.00-12.30 Room "Guizot" The psychological dimension
KIBBEE (Douglas A.): Male Language/Female Language and Translation:
A Computer-Based Approach.
OPAS (Lisa Lena): A cross-linguistic study of stream-of-consciousness
POTTER (Rosanne): Creating and Searching a Reader Response Database on
Modern Drama

11.00-12.30 Room "Richelieu Lexical statistics
JUILLARD (Michel): Quels outils pour quelle linguistique ?
LAFON (Pierre): Analyse statistique d'un corpus sociopolitique : quelles
unit/es? Application \a un corpus de Congr\es syndicaux CGT (1972 \a 1992)
MULLER (Pierre): Lexicom/etrie et structures de l'/enonciation.


14.00-15.30 Room "Descartes" Projects
BEEKEN (Jeanne) and SPEELMAN (Dirk): Electronic writing: the CONST-Project.
HARTWICK (Laura): Qbic Visual Query:
KEELER (Mary) and KLOESEL (Christian): Testbeds and Tool Development in
the Humanities.

14.00-15.30 Room "Guizot" Stylometry
LAAN (Nancy M.): Stylometry reconsidered: some points of method.
MEALAND (David L.): Discriminating Paul.
SCHILS (Erik) and DE HAAN (Pieter): New experiments on authorship attribution.

14.00-15.30 Room "Richelieu" Language and machine
LASKRI (M.T.), BOULAKRADECHE (M.) et KNIPPEL (J.M.): Analyse de premi\ere
approche du langage naturel \a base de connaissances pour la construction
de th/esaurus
LOUBEJAC (Richard): Informatique, langues de sp/ecialit/es et aide
\a la traduction.
MOSCAROLA (Jean): Actes de langages : Statistique lexicale et protocole

Coffee break

16.00-18.00 Room "Guizot" Teaching computers and the humanities
GAUTHIER (Robert): Curriculum ex machina: DEUG, Licence, Ma¡trise DEA,
KOCH (Christian: Minor in Computing in the Liberal Arts.
ORLANDI (Tito): Corso di Perfezionamento Informatica per le Scienze
SHORT (Harold): Humanities Computing Courses at King's College London.
MCCARTY (Willard): Graduate Courses in Humanities Computing.

16.00-18.00 Room "Richelieu" Generated literature
ANIS (J.): La g/en/eration de textes litt/eraires : cas particulier
ou discipline \a part ?
BALPE (J.-P.): Pourquoi /ecrire avec un ordinateur ?
BERNARD (Michel): Lire l'hypertexte.
CL/EMENT (Jean): L'hypertexte de fiction: Naissance d'un nouveau genre.
PAPP (Tibor): Formes po/etiques visuelles et ordinateur.

Senate House

Saturday 23rd April

09.00-10.30 Room "Descartes" Hypermedia
BIERMAN (James): Interactive interpretation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
DEVITO (Ann F.): Linking Concepts within a Hypermedia Shell Designed
for Literary Research.
SPAETH (Donald A.): In Search of Metaphor for Hypermedia: The Enriched Lecture

09.00-10.30 Room "Guizot" Applications
BASS (Randall): "Jesuit Plantation Project": Integrating Research and
Pedagogy through an Electronic Archive Project in an American Studies
GURNEY (Penelope J:): Enhanced Content Analysis of Inflected Languages
Through A System of Computer-Assisted Lemmatization.
OTT (Wilhelm): Strategies and tools for safer computing in the humanities.

09.00-10.30 Room "Richelieu" Applications
CATACH (Nina) et CATACH (Laurent): Le projet GRAPHIST et la recherche
en industries de la langue.
PETITJEAN (Luce): Mod/elisation d'une typologie.
MEUNIER (Jean Guy): Approches connexionnistes dans l'analyse de
texte par ordinateur.

Coffee break

11.00-11.45 Room "Richelieu"
BRUNET (/Etienne),

11.45-13.00 Room "Richelieu"
SALEM (Andr/e), TOURNIER (Maurice), ZAMPOLLI (Antonio), IDE (Nancy)
and DAHLIN (Eric),
Concluding speeches.


Comit/e de patronage Honorary committee

Jean-Pierre Poussou president de l'Universit/e de Paris 4 - Sorbonne
Etienne Brunet professeur a l'Universit/e de Nice
Blanche-Noelle Grunig directrice adjointe, ENS Fontenay Saint-Cloud
Georges Th. Guilbaud directeur d'etudes EHESS, Paris
Jean-Louis Lebrave directeur scientifique au CNRS
Robert Martin professeur a l'Universit/e de Paris 4 - Sorbonne
Charles Muller professeur em/erite, Universit/e de Strasbourg
Bernard Quemada directeur de recherches au CNRS

Comit/e du programme Programme committee

Christian Delcourt Universit/e de Liege, president ALLC
Elaine Brennan ATLIS Consulting Group ACH
Gordon Dixon Manchester Metropolitan University ALLC
Paul A. Fortier University of Manitoba ACH
Joel D. Goldfield Plymouth State College ACH
Susan Hockey Rutgers and Princeton University ALLC
Michael Neuman Georgetown University ACH
Andr/e Salem ENS de Fontenay Saint-Cloud ALLC
Antonio Zampolli Universita degli Studi di Pisa ALLC


Comit/e d'organisation Organization committee

Andr/e Salem Organisateurs locaux / Local organizers
Maurice Tournier CNRS / ENS de Fontenay Saint-Cloud

Francoise Dougnac Anne-Marie Hetzel Camille Montaldo
Pierre Muller Gabriel Peries Marie-France Piguet


Stage Tutorial
Statistique Textuelle Use and Misuse

Deux stages sont prevus dans la semaine qui precede le colloque /Two
Tutorials will take place in the week preceding the conference.

Stage no / 1 (en francais) Statistique textuelle
Initiation aux methodes de la Statistique textuelle et aux traitements
lexicom/etriques sur micro-ordinateur. Ateliers. Tous publics.
par A. Salem & M. Tournier

Tutorial no / 2 (in English) Use and Misuse of Statistics in
Literary and Linguistic Studies
For an audience of philologists and linguists with some experience in
quantification but no mathematical training.
by Chr. Delcourt (Univ. de Liege)

14 & 15 avril 1994
a / at : Ecole normale sup/erieure de Lettres et Sciences humaines
Saint-Cloud (pres de Paris / near Paris)


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stage / tutorial at St.Cloud 290 FF 50 US$ 350 FF 60 US$

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loque et les stages doit etre adress/e aux organisateurs locaux par
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*** Important ***: Registration fees for the conference and tutorials
are to be sent to the local organizers by cheque or bank transfer.
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