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Sun, 3 Apr 1994 23:43:20 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0593. Sunday, 3 Apr 1994.

Date: Fri, 01 Apr 94 15:44:20
From: fendt@MIT.EDU (Kurt Fendt)
Subject: Workshop/Seminar Announcement

Workshop/Seminar Announcement

Integrating Interactive Media into the Humanities Curriculum
Applications and Models

May 31 - June 4, 1994

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

organized by the Laboratory for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
and the Language Learning and Resource Center

The Laboratory for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities (LATH) and
the Language Learning and Resource Center (LLARC) are offering an
intensive five-day workshop on the integration of interactive media into
the humanities curriculum. The Workshop will focus on teaching and
learning models for advanced media applications in literature, writing
and foreign languages. Presentations by experienced faculty will
introduce participants to the design and the use of emerging media
genres such as interactive documentaries and interactive fiction, as
well as to multimedia authoring tools for both collaborative and
individualized learning. Several interactive applications, including
integrated media packages developed at MIT will be demonstrated so that
participants may make informed evaluations of a variety of pedagogical
models applicable to interactive media and assess the potential of
current and future technologies for changing the humanities curriculum.
Special work sessions will allow participants to acquire hands-on
experience with sample applications.

The workshop will focus on learning and teaching methodologies and will
provide practical experience with interactive media. Morning
presentations of typical applications and their integration into the
humanities curriculum will be followed by concurrent afternoon hands-on
sessions that will give participants first-hand experience in effective
pedagogical and technological design.

The workshop is intended for humanists, language educators, media center
directors, developers from educational institutions on the college,
university and high school level, as well as corporations.

Provisional Program

Tuesday, May 31 - Day 1:

am Registration
Introductory session
Interactive Documentaries: models for learning culture and
- G. Furstenberg: "Dans le Quartier St. Gervais"
- S. Miyagawa: "Tanabata - The Star Festival"

pm Workshops:
- Teaching with Interactive Documentaries
- Multimedia Authoring with the Apple Media Tool
- Introduction to HyperCard

Wednesday, June 1 - Day 2:

am Interactive films for learning foreign languages and cultures
- G. Furstenberg: "A la rencontre de Philippe"
- D. Morgenstern: "No Recuerdo"

pm Workshops
- Teaching with Interactive films
- Advanced HyperCard (Scripting)
- Creating interactive texts using the Expanded Books Toolkit

evening Reception

Thursday, June 2 - Day 3:

am - Interactive texts and creative writing (J. Murray)
- Designing an interactive multimedia project for foreign
languages: building blocks and models (J. Murray/M. Roper)

pm Workshops:
- Creating interactive narratives with HyperCard
- Turning existing video into interactive video
- Developing multimedia lessons using LIBRA

Friday, June 3 - Day 4:

am Multimedia annotation of literary texts: scholarly and
pedagogical concepts (Otmar Foelsche)

pm Workshops:
- Annotating Texts with Annotext
- Creating interactive texts using the Expanded Books Toolkit
- Multimedia Authoring with the Apple Media Tool

evening Dinner (optional)

Saturday, June 4 - Day 5:

am Interactive Shakespeare: Models for Teaching Literature and
Theater (P. Donaldson)

pm Workshop:
- Building multimedia archives for language, culture, and


Throughout the workshop participants will be able to work independently
with the applications covered in the presentations/hands-on sessions as
well as commercially avaibale materials, such as System D, and The
Dickens Web.


MIT's Laboratory for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (LATH) was
founded in 1992 as the successor to the Athena Language Learning
Project. LATH is concerned with creating the building blocks for
humanities comput ing in the twenty-first century by focussing on
exemplary applications in lan guage, literature, and other humanistic
disciplines. LATH applications are de signed to have broad educational
impact and to expand the computational en vironment as a medium for
exploring language, texts, and culture. Among the technologies LATH is
exploring are Interactive Video, Hypermedia, Natural Language
Processing, and Speech Processing. LATH research is aimed at do
mesticating advanced technologies and putting them to use on platforms
that are accessible to humanists and educational institutions.

The Language Learning and Resource Center (LLARC) is a teaching and
learning facility for Foreign Language faculty and students at MIT.
LLARC resources include 2 fully-equipped classrooms, 20 computer/video
workstations, 3 studios, audio stations, an extensive materials library
and a development/production area. LLARC develops software for foreign
language faculty and serves as a demonstration and evaluation site for
LATH programs under development.


Peter Donaldson, Professor of English Literature, MIT
Shigeru Miyagawa, Professor of Japanese and Linguistics, MIT
Janet Murray, Senior Research Scientist, Director of LATH, MIT
Gilberte Furstenberg, Senior Lecturer of French, MIT
Douglas Morgenstern, Senior Lecturer of Spanish, MIT
Michael Roper, Interactive Video Producer
Otmar Foelsche, Director Language Learning Center, Dartmouth College
Ruth Trometer, Director of LLARC, MIT
Catherine White, LLARC Programmer, MIT
Kurt Fendt, Lecturer of German and Research Associate, MIT


The cost of participation in this workshop is $450, including use of
multimedia facilities, coffee, and the evening reception on
day 2. The optional dinner on day 4 is an additional $35. Participants
will receive a list of hotels in the area. Prices range between $60
and $110.

The number of participants is limited to 25. Applications and payments
must be received by April 30, 1994.

Please register at the following adress:

Conference Services
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 7-111
77 Massachusetts Aveneue
Cambridge, MA 02139
phone: (617) 253-1700
fax: (617) 253-7002

For requests concerning the workshop please refer to:

Laboratory for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 20B-231
18 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

phone: (617) 253-6346
fax: (617) 253-5633
internet: fendt@mit.edu

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Integrating Interactive Media into the Humanities Curriculum
Applications and Models

May 31 - June 4, 1994

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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