7.0602 Humanities Computing Syllabi (1/55)

Sat, 9 Apr 1994 15:12:02 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0602. Saturday, 9 Apr 1994.

Date: Tue, 5 Apr 1994 12:54:17 -0500 (EDT)
From: mccarty@epas.utoronto.ca (W. McCarty)
Subject: archive of syllabi

Toronto archive for course-materials in humanities computing

The Centre for Computing in the Humanities, University of
Toronto, would like to announce an online archive for
syllabi and other course-materials in humanities computing.
The objective of the archive is to collect and publish
such materials so as to assist beginning instructors and
to allow a clearer understanding of the field to develop
from the evidence of individual efforts around the world.

The archive is for courses whose major focus is humanities
computing, computing in the liberal arts, or other
interdisciplinary form, including those in computer
science. It is not meant to document all applications
of the computer to academic subjects, e.g. to language
instruction, except if the consequences of using the
computer take a prominent role in the course.

The archive is also intended for descriptions of workshops
in humanities computing, course proposals, essays and
discussions ofcurricula.

To access the archive, gopher to:


then select Centre for Computing in the Humanities,
Humanities computing resources, Courses.

Submissions to the archive are most eagerly invited. They
should be edited and formatted for online display, then
sent by email to me, Willard McCarty, at this address:


Please note that only materials prepared for online
display can be accepted. This means they have to be
in plain-ASCII (DOS format), with hard returns at the
end of each line, margins set to about 65, and all
accented characters encoded according to a scheme
explained at the beginning. Graphics and software,
suitably compressed and encoded, are welcome, but
anyone with such things should consult with me first.
For materials on a computer accessible by Gopher,
only the Gopher address is needed.

Each file should be clearly identified as to the
instructor, department, course number, and institution.

4 April 1994