7.0604 Electronic Scholarly Editing Discussion (1/29)

Sat, 9 Apr 1994 15:14:19 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0604. Saturday, 9 Apr 1994.

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 14:15:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Merritt Unsworth <jmu2m@jefferson.village.virginia.edu>
Subject: ESE

The recent discussion from ESE (electronic scholarly editing) of critical
editing has been put up for retrieval in several ways.

FTP: ftp to jefferson.village.virginia.edu, and login as anonymous. Give
your email address as your password. Once you're logged in, type:

cd /gopher-data/projects
get ese.txt

and you will have retrieved the text of the ESE exchange.

Gopher: For those who use gopher and want to read the exchange online,
connect to the institute's gopher server at jefferson.village.virginia.edu
and choose, in sequence,

4. Project-Related Resources
3. Excerpts from Electronic Scholarly Editing

World-Wide Web users can find the document at:


under the heading "Literary Studies" as "Excerpts from discussion on ESE
(Electronic Scholarly Editing)"