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Sat, 9 Apr 1994 15:17:36 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0607. Saturday, 9 Apr 1994.

(1) Date: Wed, 06 Apr 1994 10:46:50 -0400 (EDT) (173 lines)
From: BARRYRO@bcvms.bc.edu

(2) Date: 7 Apr 1994 12:25:59 +0000 (24 lines)
From: "S.A.Rae (Simon Rae)" <S.A.Rae@open.ac.uk>
Subject: HERG Conference Session

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Date: Wed, 06 Apr 1994 10:46:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: BARRYRO@bcvms.bc.edu

Conference Announcement:

* *
* *
* Boston College *
* June 20-24, 1994 *

MORNING SPEAKERS 9:00-10:15 and 10:45-12:00 (Higgins 304)

Andres Ancona (Universidad Iberoamericana)
Glenn 'Chip' Hughes (St. Mary's University)
Paul Kidder (Seattle Univesity)
Richard M. Liddy (Seton Hall University)
Sebastian Moore, OSB (Downside Abbey, Bath, England)
John Ranieri (Seton Hall University)
Pierre Robert (Bellarmine Press, Montreal)
Philip C. Rule (College of the Holy Cross)
Hamish F.G. Swanston (University of Kent, Canterbury)
Colleen Webster (St. Michael's College)

DISCUSSION GROUPS 2:00-3:30 pm (Carney Hall Classrooms)

with Frank Braio

*Method: System and History*
with Philip McShane

*Strategies Towards a Pedagogy of Self-Appropriation*
with Joseph Flanagan, SJ

*Ethics and Business*
with Kenneth Melchin

*Lonergan and Aesthetics*
with Hugo Meynell

*Spirituality and the Dramatic Pattern of Living*
with Sebastian Moore and Paul Marcoux

*Lonergan Goes to the Theatre*
with Hamish Swanston

DOCTA IGNORANTIA afternoon panels 4:00-5:15pm (Higgins 304)

Monday: *The Fifth Level of Consciousness: Pros and Cons*
Charles Hefling, Richard Liddy, Pierre Robert

Tuesday: *Feelings as Intentional Responses*
Joseph Flanagan, Chip Hughes, Sebastian Moore

Wednesday: *Aesthetics and Systematics*
Andres Ancona, Fred Lawrence, Philip McShane

Thursday: *Symbols and Artistic Carriers of Meaning*
Paul Kidder, John Ranieri, Hamish Swanston


Sunday: Get-acquainted meeting and dessert
7:00-9:00 pm (70 St. Thomas More Hall)

Monday: Reports on Applications of Lonergan's Thought
7:30 pm (Gasson 100)

Tuesday: Speaker: William Mathews, SJ *Images, Feelings and
Lonergan's Intellectual Biography*
7:30 pm (Gasson 100)

Wednesday: Interview: *Towards Interiority- The Imaginal and
Nonlinear in Adult Learning* St. Thomas More Institute
for Adult Education
7:30 pm (Gasson 100)

Thursday: Liturgy, 6:30 pm (St. Mary's Chapel)
Banquet, honoring BC President J. Donald Monan, SJ
7:30 pm (Faculty Dining Room, McElroy Commons)

REGISTRATION: Registration for the Workshop will be from 8:00-9:00 am on
Monday, June 20, in Higgins Hall, room 304

FEES: For the Lonergan Workshop only (non-credit), $15 registration fee
plus $135 payable either in advance or on Monday, June 20. For full-time
students and retired people, the fee is $85 plus $15 registration fee
(all fees are US dollars)

CREDIT OPTION: Three units of academic credit may be earned from either
the Philosophy or the Theology Department of Boston College. Those who
enroll for credit will continue in directed study after the Workshop.
They must register directly with the Summer Session office as well as
with the Workshop.

HOUSING: Shared Apartments: Single Bedroom $38 per day; double bedroom, $26
per day. Those who wish on-campus housing must send name, address, and if
possible, payment by check made payable to Boston College (no credit cards)

Laurie Nahigan
Office of University Housing
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167-3828

by May 1.

Housing Check-in will be Sunday, June 19, from 2:00-7:00 pm at 70 St. Thomas
More Hall

MEALS: Campus Restaurants and cafeterias will be open.

To Register for the Workshop, complete this coupon and Mail it with the
$15 registration fee (US dollars) to:

Fred Lawrence, Director
Lonergan Workshop
Carney Hall 418
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167

I/we plan to attend the 1994 Lonergan Workshop:





Zip/Postal Code:_______________________________________________

I/we would like to apply for:

_______ Student or Retired Rate

_______ Academic Credit

_______ Single ($38 per day) or

_______ Double ($28 per day)

Please send your name, address, and days you intend to stay directly to:

Laurie Nahigan
Office of University Housing
Rubenstein Hall
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167

If you wish to be grouped together, reserve your room as soon as possible.

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Date: 7 Apr 1994 12:25:59 +0000
From: "S.A.Rae (Simon Rae)" <S.A.Rae@open.ac.uk>
Subject: HERG Conference Session

HERG (the Humanities Higher Education Research Group) are holding a one day
conference here at the Open University on April 23rd. The theme of the
conference is RESEARCH into the TEACHING of HUMANITIES in Higher (or adult or
post-K12) Education, reviewing both practice and priorities.

I will be chairing one of the afternoon discussion sessions ... looking at
Humanities Computing. In view of the topic (and my own research interest: the
use of CMC [Computer Mediated Conferencing/Communication] in the teaching of
the humanities) I thought it might be good practice to open the discussion out
to include the worldwide humanities audience represented through HUMANIST.

If you have any views or news regarding recent or forthcoming projects in the
use of computers in the teaching of the humanities I would be grateful if you
would share them with me (and, through me, the delegates on the 23rd).

Looking forward to any comments ... cheers
Simon Rae
The Open University
Milton Keynes