7.0618 Computation and Language E-Preprint Server (1/67)

Wed, 13 Apr 1994 00:01:45 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0618. Wednesday, 13 Apr 1994.

Date: 12 Apr 1994 09:49:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: ide@cs.vassar.edu (Nancy M. Ide)
Subject: Computation and Language Electronic Preprint Server

From: shieber@das.harvard.edu (Stuart Shieber)
(by way of yarowsky@unagi.cis.upenn.edu (David Yarowsky))

Dear colleagues:

Increasingly, preprints of papers on topics relating to computation
and language are being distributed electronically over the Internet
and other networks connected to it, by email, anonymous FTP, and other
means, through informal mailing lists and ad hoc arrangements. In an
effort to promote and rationalize this burgeoning mode of information
exchange, we have set up a fully automated electronic archive with
email, ftp, and WWW/Mosaic interfaces for papers on the topics of:

o computational linguistics,
o natural-language processing,
o speech processing,
o and related fields

The success of such a system depends on its being actively supported,
promoted, and used by the community. I hope that you will make your
own papers available through this service, and will encourage your
colleagues and students to do the same. In particular, I hope you

o Retrieve a longer announcement message from the server,
by sending a message to cmp-lg@xxx.lanl.gov with subject
`get announce.txt' and empty body.

o Retrieve information about how to subscribe to and use the
server, by sending a message to cmp-lg@xxx.lanl.gov with
subject `help' and empty body.

o Subscribe to the server, so that you will automatically get
regular listings of titles/authors/abstracts of papers
submitted to the server.

(I highly recommend subscribing, even if you expect to
retrieve papers primarily through cmp-lg's WWW interface.
Subscription means that you will be kept up to date on
available papers without your having to remember to actively
check for new papers. And the service will not stuff your
mailbox; you will receive at most one message per day, and
even that only on days new papers are submitted.)

o Submit your own papers to the server, to make them widely and
easily available to the community.

ooo Most importantly, pass the word to your colleagues and
students, either by forwarding this message to them, or
sending them a personal note.

I realize that this message may leave you with many unanswered
questions about the functionality and operation of the cmp-lg archive
server. Many of these questions will be answered in the announcement
and help messages available as described above. However, if you have
any further questions (or just want to register an opinion about the
endeavor), please do not hesitate to contact me directly by reply
email, or send a message to cmp-lg@xxx.lanl.gov with subject `comment'
and your comments and questions in the body of the message.

Thank you for your help in getting this project underway.

Stuart Shieber