7.0620 CFP: Cognitive Science of NLP (1/98)

Tue, 26 Apr 1994 06:37:47 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0620. Tuesday, 26 Apr 1994.

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 94 21:37:56 BST
From: alex@compapp.dcu.ie (Alex Monaghan)

Second Call for Papers

for the

Third International Conference on


Dublin City University, 7-8 July 1994

Subject Areas:
This is a non-exclusive list of subjects which fall within the scope of
CSNLP. It is intended as a guide only.
* Corpus-based NLP
* Connectionist NLP
* Statistical and knowledge-based MT
* Linguistic knowledge representation
* Cognitive linguistics
* Declarative approaches to NLP
* NLG and NLU
* Dialogue and discourse
* Human language processing
* Text linguistics
* Evaluation of NLP
* Hybrid approaches to NLP
Submissions may deal with theoretical issues, applications, databases or other
aspects of CSNLP, but the importance of cognitive aspects should be borne in
mind. Papers should report original substantive research.

Theme: Corpus-Based Approaches
Since the conference follows on the heels of the SIGIR'94 meeting, we have
decided to emphasise the use of corpora in NLP. Papers dealing with corpus-
based approaches (advantages, disadvantages, applications, etc.) will be
preferred. Text and speech corpora are equally welcome.

Invited Speakers:
The following speakers have been invited to give keynote talks:
Roger Garside, University of Lancaster
Hans Kamp, Universitaet Stuttgart
Cathy Sotillo, University of Edinburgh

Not all are confirmed as yet.

Registration and Accommodation:
The registration fee will be IR#40, and will include proceedings, lunches and
one evening meal. Accommodation can be reserved in the campus residences at DCU.
Accommodation will be "First come, first served": there is a heavy demand for
campus rooms in the summer.

To register, contact Alex Monaghan at the addresses given below. Payment in
advance is possible but not obligatory.

This conference immediately follows SIGIR'94, a major Information Retrieval
conference, also at DCU. There is a limited amount of funding available under
the CEC Human Capital & Mobility program for SIGIR'94 participants who are
under 35 and citizens of one of the 12 EC member states and this funding may be
stretched to cover their attendance at CSNLP also. A full call for
for SIGIR'94 in ASCII or Postscript form may be ontained by anonymous ftp from
ftp.compapp.dcu.ie/pub/sigir/call-for-participation.ps (132k) or .txt (31k).
Alternatively, the less-preferred method would be to send e-mail to
sigir94@dcu.ie and we will send one by return. Details of the CEC funding may
be obtained from asmeaton@compapp.dcu.ie (fax +353-1-7045442) and the deadline
for applications for the CEC funding is May 13th.

Submission of Abstracts:
Those wishing to present a paper at CSNLP should submit a 400-word abstract to
arrive not later than 13/5/94. Abstracts should give the author's full name and
address, with Email address if possible, and should be sent to:

Alex Monaghan
School of Computer Applications
Dublin City University
Dublin 9

Email submissions are also acceptable, plain ASCII text please to:

alex@compapp.dcu.ie (internet)

Completed papers should be around 8 pages long, although longer papers will
be considered if requested. Camera-ready copy must be submitted to arrive
in Dublin by 27/6/94. No particular conference style will be imposed, but
papers should be legible (12pt laser printed) and well-structured.


13th May --- abstracts to arrive in Dublin
1st June --- notification of authors
27th June --- camera-ready copy to arrive in Dublin
1st July --- final date for registration, accommodation, meals etc.