7.0635 Survey: Users of (US) National Archives (1/42)

Fri, 29 Apr 1994 12:10:32 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0635. Friday, 29 Apr 1994.

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 94 08:38:49 EDT
From: Judi Moline <moline@sst.ncsl.nist.gov>
Subject: posting for humanist

Dear Colleagues,

We are currently preparing to do a user survey for the
National Archives and are looking for suggestions. Basically,
we are seeking preliminary information from individuals who
use the NARA resources or who would like to use them. We are
seeking information on the following topics. If you have
comments, please send them to feedback@sst.ncsl.nist.gov.

(a) What kinds of records or information might you need
from NARA (including the Presidential Libraries, the
Regional Offices, and the Federal Records Centers)?
Would you need information about NARA's holdings,
information from the records and other documentary
materials in NARA, and/or information held by NARA
about other Federal records? What are the topics
for which you might need the information?

(b) Where and when would you need this information? For
example, would you need this information delivered to
your home, school, business, or to a public
library? What would you estimate to be the time
frame within which you would need delivery of each
type of information?

(c) How would you typically search for and locate the
desired information. What access points (such as
geographic or date) and information retrieval and
navigation techniques would you be likely to use
in a search of the records and information holdings of
the component units of NARA?

(d) In what formats would you like to receive the information,
and how would you like it delivered to you? For example,
would your information needs be met by a system that
provided an overview or index of NARA holdings, direct
on-line access to a specific set of records, or a
combination of both approaches?

Judi Moline and Steve Otto
The National Institute of Standards and Technology