7.0642 ARL/AAUP E-Publishing Symposium CFP (1/127)

Thu, 5 May 1994 23:51:54 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0642. Thursday, 5 May 1994.

Date: Wed, 4 May 1994 11:09:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ann Okerson <ann@cni.org>
Subject: Joint ARL/AAUP E-Publishing Symposium/Call For Papers

The organizers of the conference are re-posting this Call. A number of
proposals have been received, but a number of others have asked for
an extension. The Final Date to receive proposals is May 27th to:

The programs will be mailed in early August.




Association of American University Presses
Association of Research Libraries

In Partnership with:

The American Physical Society
The Johns Hopkins University Press
The University of Virginia Library

Sponsor the Fourth Symposium of the ARL and AAUP
Visions and Opportunities in Electronic Publishing

November 5-7, 1994
Washington, DC

The symposium series sponsored by the ARL and the AAUP has become a
space apart, where stakeholders in academe and scholarly communications
-- faculty, librarians, and publishers from university presses and
learned/professional societies -- can gather to exchange information
about their interests and concerns. The Fourth Symposium will focus on
four issues: fair use, cost recovery, developing content, and
cooperative ventures. As the title indicates, the organizers are
especially keen to explore those areas where the interests of the
various participants may appear to diverge and in stimulating productive
discussions, particularly within academe, about concrete ways in which
we can work together to resolve any differences.

As customary, the Symposium will open late Saturday afternoon with
keynote addresses, reception, and convivial dining opportunities in
cafes and restaurants of Washington, DC.

Both Sunday and Monday will feature a mix of plenary and breakout

Plenary sessions will focus on the overarching themes of:

o Defining Fair Use in the Networked Environment
o Exploring Alternative Cost Recovery Mechanisms
o Filling the Pipeline: Innovations in Electronic Scholarship
o Realigning Campus Roles and Relationships

Breakout sessions are designed to encourage small group interaction with
symposium participants. The presentations will be a concentrated
introduction to inform the audience of what is involved in the work
being described. Visual presentation and detailed handouts will be
emphasized. The breakouts will be of two types.

o Demonstrations of innovative applications of new technologies
(e.g., multimedia, Mosaic, Acrobat, hyperlinks) to a *publishing*
activity, which might include business innovations such as
advertising, cost recovery.

o Case studies of successful networked publishing projects that
emphasize the content and look/feel of the work, rather than the
technology per se.

We seek a range of offerings that include administration and management,
theory, legal issues, the practice of publishing and librarianship as it
embraces networked electronic cooperative ventures, economics, specific
projects, live demos, scholarly projects, and any other related areas.
The proposals may come from the wide range of people involved in
academic scholarly and scientific communications: scholars, scientists,
administrators, press and society personnel, librarians, software and
hardware creators, and others in related fields. ***We are particularly
interested in proposals for papers that offer new perspectives on, and
propose solutions to, the issues mentioned above in the not-for-profit
higher education environment.***

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS & PROPOSALS: April 30, 1994 **(Rev. May 27th)**

Submit your name, affiliation, title of presentation, type of
presentation (paper, technical demonstration, case study), need for
technology support at the meeting site, and comprehensive abstract to:



Lisa Freeman, Director, University of Minnesota Press
Ann Okerson, Association of Research Libraries


Robert Kelly, American Physical Society
Susan Lewis, The Johns Hopkins University Press
Karen Marshall, Alderman Library, University of Virginia
David Rodgers, American Mathematical Society


Speakers and presenters will be offered assistance with expenses.
Speakers must supply copies of their papers, demonstrations, or case
studies in publishable form at the time of the symposium. These will be
published in the Symposium proceedings.

The Third Symposium, Gateways and Gatekeepers, held in November 1993
attracted 160 participants and featured one post-event optional
excursion, "A Day in the Electronic Village," created by the University
of Virginia Library. The November 1994 will offer two excursions:

o "Day in the Village" (University of Virginia Library) and a
o "Day at the University Press" (The Johns Hopkins University Press
with the support of the Eisenhower Library, JHU).