8.0020 E-Bibliography: Lit and Psychology (1/53)

Fri, 20 May 1994 00:02:59 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0020. Friday, 20 May 1994.

Date: Mon, 16 May 94 21:25:20 EDT
From: "Norman N. Holland" <NNH@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu>

Bibliography in literature-and-psychology: The Electronic Edition

For nine years now, IPSA (the Institute for Psychological Study
of the Arts at the University of Florida) has mailed its annual
_IPSA Abstracts and Bibliography in Literature-and-Psychology_ to
some 2200 subscribers. The 1994 edition (99 pages in all)
consists of a bibliography of 1552 books and articles published
in our field in 1993 and ten pages of abstracts of forthcoming
work. "Our field" includes as its core, literature-and-
psychology (including reader-response studies). The IPSABIB also
includes, less systematically, psychological studies of the other
arts (notably film) and some materials on psychoanalysis or other
psychologies in themselves where they seem particularly

We are now sending the IPSABIB online to the 270 subscribers to
PSYART, the literature-and-psychology LIST. Posting will begin
Satruday, May 21, five days from today. If you are not a
subscriber to PSYART but wish to receive this bibliography,
subscribe to PSYART (at least on a temporary basis). Subscribe
by sending a subscription message to this e-address:
listserv@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu. The message should say, simply,
SUBSCRIBE PSYART <yourfirstname> <yourlastname> For this
purpose *PLEASE DO NOT* send messages to me personally or to the
list as a whole

The files are large, and, in order not to clog system or
mailboxes, I will send out separate sections a day or so apart.
You should download these to your personal computers as soon as
they come in--or discard them quickly.

These are the files that will be sent to you and their
approximate sizes:

FRONT 94 12K Title page, table of contents,
explanations and instructions
EABSTRS 94 43K Abstracts of forthcoming work
EBOOKS 94 50K 285 books published in 1993
EARTICLS 94 264K 1267 articles published in 1993
BACK 94 59K Index and announcements

Once sent, the whole bibliography will be kept online in the
PSYART files as one file, available by anonymous ftp.

You can obtain a printed version if you will let me know *BY
REGULAR MAIL.* Regular mail, because we ask for a contribution
of $8.00 U.S. for this service. Make your check payable to GAP-
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