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Tue, 24 May 1994 21:34:12 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0033. Tuesday, 24 May 1994.

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From: rob@PSULIAS.BITNET (Roger Brisson)
Subject: journal announcement

Journal Announcement for HUMANIST


Last year this scholarly journal moved its editorial office to The
Pennsylvania State University, where it is now under the editorship of Roger
L. Geiger, with associate editorship under Roger L. Williams. Published in
a new, expanded format, the move to Penn State was inspired by the
conviction that the history of higher education has entered a period of
renewed vitality.

The ANNUAL is the sole journal in the United States devoted to the study of
the history of higher education. It aspires to advance the understanding
and interpretation of this field through the publication of referreed
articles and review essays of significant publications. It is thus intended
as a resource for scholars and students in history, the history of higher
education, and higher education.

The latest volume (Vol. 13, 1993) is the second annual issued since moving
the journal's editorial office. The articles in this volume (listed below)
all deal with the theme of the modern university and its eneluctable
adaptations to the proliferation of knowledge. Together, these studies
deepen our appreciation of the protean nature of the modern university,
surely one of its most fundamental and baffling qualities.

"Backing into Sponsored Research": Physics and Engineering
Amy Sue Bix
at Princeton University, 1945-1970

American Universities and the Inclusion of Professional Schools
Hugh Hawkins

The 'German Model' and the Graduate School: The University of
James Turner
Michigan and the Origin Myth of the American University
Paul Bernard

The Chinese Scholars and the Modern University: The
Xiaoqing Diana
Appropriation of Foreign Educational Models, 1900-1930

Nathan Glazer's "Schools of Minor Professions" and the
Patricia L. Gregg
Evolution of Schools of Education, Business, and Journalism

The editors also welcome manuscript contributions for consideration in
future volumes. Those interested in submitting a manuscript should contact
the editor at the address below.

Individual subscriptions to the ANNUAL are $12 in the United States and
Canada, and $17 to Latin America and overseas. Institutional subscriptions
are $15 in the United States and Canada, and $17 to Latin America and
overseas. Individuals not wishing to subscribe personally may wish to
forward this message to their university library for consideration.

For further information contact:
Dr. Roger L. Geiger, Editor
History of Higher Education Annual
The Pennsylvania State University
403 South Allen Street, Suite 115
University Park, PA 16801-5202

e-mail inquiries:
Roger Brisson
Penn State University