8.0037 Computers and Writing Teleconference (1/165)

Thu, 26 May 1994 21:26:33 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0037. Thursday, 26 May 1994.

Date: Thu, 26 May 94 10:33:38 CDT
From: Eric Crump <LCERIC@MIZZOU1>
Subject: Computers & Writing Teleconference (soon!)

|| Computers and Writing: ||
|| ||
|| Seeing the Future by ||
|| Knowing Our Past ||
|| ||
|| A Live Satelite Broadcast ||
|| ||
|| Thursday, June 2, 1994 ||
|| 11:00 - 1:00 EDT ||

Presented by Ball State University
Sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Company

Scope of the Teleconference

The field of computers and writing has continued to develop
during the last two decades, and now we find ourselves teetering
on the brink of a new age--an age where students often have more
experience than instructors using technology.

Join us in an interactive dialogue as we explore the past,
present, and future of computers and writing, further examining
issues raised at the Tenth Computers and Writing Conference:

o How do we redefine ourselves, our classrooms, and our
pedagogy during this time?
o Is there value in teaching students to navigate
the Information Super Highway? _________________________
o What access is fair access? | |
o Will this technology help | Who Should Participate? |
students write better? | |
o Does technology solve | University faculty and |
problems or simply create | staff, administrators, |
new ones? | students, computing |
o Can we adapt old teaching | services personnel, |
strategies in the computer | community college and |
classroom, or do we need to | high school writing |
invent new ones? | instructors |
o Is new software being |_________________________|
designed with writing teachers
in mind?
o How do we humanize the technology we use?

Program Leaders

Michael A. Benedict, an English teacher and Department Chair
at Fox Chapel Area High School in Pittsburgh, PA, has
worked developing computer mediated instruction for the
last five years in his classes. Benedict was named the
Christa McAuliffe Fellow by the U.S. Department of Education
in 1988.

Hugh Burns, Ph.D., Director of Educational Software and Technology
at Smith College, is co-founder of the Daedalus Group, Inc.
Burns has served on the advisory boards of NCTE, CCCC, and
_The Journal of Basic Writing_, and has been recognized for
his pioneering work through the creation of the annual Hugh
Burns Outstanding Dissertation Award for the most promising
scholar in educational computing and the liberal arts.

Bill Condon, Ph.D., Associate Director for Instruction in the
University of Michigan's English Composition Board (ECB),
is an active proponent of using computer networks to
support writing across the disciplines and the collaborative
teaching of writing. Condon has also published numerous
articles on portfolio-based writing assessment.

Fred Kemp, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English and Director of
Composition at Texas Tech University, is co-author of the
Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment, and has published
a number of articles on computer-based networked classrooms.
Kemp is also the founder and list owner of several discussion
lists, including MBU-L, WCENTER, and ACW-L, and is a co-founder
and co-director of the Alliance for Computers and Writing.

Cynthia L. Selfe, Ph.D., Professor of Composition and Communication
at Michigan Technological University, has authored five books
and numerous articles on computer use in composition classrooms
and has co-edited several other collections of essays on the
topic. Selfe edits the journal _Computers and Composition_ and
has co-founded Computers and Composition Press with Gail

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