8.0061 Jobs: TILT Research Assistant (1/59)

Tue, 21 Jun 1994 22:29:11 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0061. Tuesday, 21 Jun 1994.

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 15:26:50 GMT
From: Donald Spaeth <DSPAETH@dish.gla.ac.uk>
Subject: TILT research assistant




Applications are invited for a new research assistant post
for the University's Teaching with Independent Learning
Technologies programme. The post will involve the
evaluation of text and image base software and the
development of courseware using the selected package(s) to
manipulate the scanned materials. The post requires a
knowledge of historical sciences and courseware development
or relevant experience. The successful candidate will be
appointed on Research Assistant scale 1B (12,828 - 15,186
pounds), depending on experience and qualifications. The
post is tenable until the end of 1994, with an extension
probably available until the end of 1995.

Further particulars :

1. Ability to work independently to test and
experiment with text analysis applications in a PC
environment. Prior familiarity with textual analysis
software is not essential, but the successful applicant
would need to evaluate standard applications like BRS
search, Mosaic, Microcosm and others, as well as
non-commercial packages like TACT, to see how far they
could be used to develop suitable teaching modules.

2. A knowledge of history would be an advantage, since
the module under development would in the first instance be
designed for undergraduate history students. An interest in
the history of language, in the interpretation of textual
historical source material and in basic historical
methodology would therefore be helpful.

3. Whilst advanced programming skills are not
required, there is no doubt that some applications-language
development of a front end (e.g. Visual Basic) for the
chosen piece of software would be necessary in order to
facilitate general undergraduate accessibility.

4. The successful applicant would work in close
consultation with members of staff in the DISH historical
computing laboratory, and would pilot the modules in the PC
environment there in the first instance.

For further information, contact *before 8 July 1994*:

Dr. T. Munck
Department of Modern History
University of Glasgow
1 University Gardens
Glasgow G12 8QQ

email: TMUNCK@dish.gla.ac.uk