8.0069 CFP: Natural Language Understanding... (1/129)

Tue, 21 Jun 1994 22:58:49 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0069. Tuesday, 21 Jun 1994.

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 94 15:25:12 +0200
From: gpl@fct.unl.pt
Subject: Call for papers: Fifth International Workshop on Natural language

Fifth International Workshop on

Natural language Understanding and Logic Programming

Conference dates: May 29 (Mon) --- 31 (Wed), 1995

Conference place: Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal

Chairman: Gabriel Pereira Lopes
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Science and Technology
Universidade Nova de Lisboa,
Quinta da Torre,
2825 Monte da Caparica, Portugal
Phon. +351-1-295 3220
Fax. +351-1-295 56 41
Email. gpl@fct.unl.pt

Program Committee:

Hozumi Tanaka (Tokyo) Yuji Matsumoto (Nara)

Harvey Abramson (Aizu) Charles Grant Brown (Stockholm)
Veronica Dahl (Vancouver) Sandiway Fong (NEC, Princeton)
Mark Johnson (Providence, RI) Martin Kay (Xerox, Palo Alto)
Gregers Koch (Copenhagen) Michael C. McCord (IBM Yorktown)

Fred Popowich (Vancouver) Patrick Saint-Dizier (Toulouse)

Luis Moniz Pereira (Lisbon) Helder Coelho (Lisbon)
Ryoichi Sugimura(Matsushita Electric Ind.,Osaka)
Gabriel P. Lopes (Lisbon) (chair)

The Organizing Committee of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural
Language Processing and Logic Programming invites the
submission of papers for NLULP5, in Lisbon, Portugal.


Papers are invited on substantial, original, and unpublished research
on all aspects of Logic Programming applications to computational
linguistics, including, but not limited to, the followings.

- syntax - parsing
- semantics - generation
- phonetics - language understanding
- phonology - speech analysis/synthesis
- morphology - computational lexicons
- discourse - electronic dictionaries
- pragmatics - terminology
- quantitative/qualitative linguistics - text database and retrieval
- mathematical linguistics - documentation
- contrastive linguistics - machine translation
- cognitive linguistics - machine aids for translation
- large text corpora - natural language interface
- text processing - dialogue systems
- hardware/software for NLP - multimedia systems

It will be nice to have in Lisbon Practical Applications of PROLOG in the area
of NLU, for demonstrating Prolog's attractiveness for this area.


Papers should have a maximum fifteen pages in final format, should be written
in English, and describe original work.

They should emphasize completed work rather than intended work, and
they should indicate clearly the state of completion of the reported


Authors should submit four copies of preliminary versions of their
papers with the page limits above, on A4 paper with the title,
author(s), addresses (including email if possible), affiliation across
the page top, a short (five to ten line) summary, and a specification of the
topic area preferably drawn
from the list above. As well, authors are strongly urged to email the
title page information by the deadline date. Send the papers and
emails to the chair.


Preliminary paper submission due: December 19, 1994
Notification of paper arrival: December 31, 1994
Inquiries for lost papers: January 20, 1995
Acceptance notification: March 1, 1995
Camera-ready copies due: April 1, 1995


Preliminary papers are due by 19 December 1994. Papers received after
that date will be returned unopened. Notification of receipt will be
mailed to the first author (or designated author) soon after receipt by 31
December 1994.
All inquiries regarding lost papers must be made by January 20, 1995.
Designated authors will be notified of acceptance by March 1, 1995.
Camera-ready copies of final papers prepared according to the publisher
requirements, must be received by 1 April 1995 by the chair along with a
signed copyright release statement. Papers received after that date may not be
included in the proceedings.


(1) Invited talks and panels will be included in the program.
Proposals and suggestions for invited talks and panels should be sent
to the chair as soon as possible.

(2) Anyone wishing to arrange an exhibit or present a demonstration
should send a brief description, together with a specification of
physical requirements (space, power, telephone connections, tables,
etc.) to the chair.

(3) An attractive social program will be organized for people willing to know
more about Portugal, Lisbon and its surroundings.

(4) At that time of the year the weather is quite worm and unpolluted beaches
are nearby Lisbon, at Costa da Caparica.