8.0087 Q: Machine Query (1/12)

Tue, 28 Jun 1994 03:06:44 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0087. Tuesday, 28 Jun 1994.

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 1994 11:37:20 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: 8.0078 Rs: More on Text Databases and Note-Taking (2/56)

I'm looking for something to take notes with at the library, something
like a "sub-notebook" or memopad. It needs to be big enough for touch typing,
run ideally on flashlight batteries, and be downloadable into my PC. It
doesn't need to be able to hold more than 50-100kB or so, doesn't need a hard
drive or floppy drive, doesn't need fancy software (ASCII is fine), but it does
have to be cheap. I know Sharp has these little memorandum devices with little
screens with 12 lines of text or so, but the ones I've seen have too small a
keyboard for touch typing.
Any ideas?
-- Hoke Robinson, Philosophy, U of Memphis