8.0090 IJCAI Looking for Sites (1/66)

Fri, 1 Jul 1994 12:23:30 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0090. Friday, 1 Jul 1994.

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 20:31:18 EDT
From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse@athos.rutgers.edu>
Subject: Site Proposal Call for 2001


International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, Inc.
(IJCAII) hereby invites proposals for cities in the United States to
host the 17th International Joint Conference on Artificial
Intelligence (IJCAI-2001), to be held in the year 2001. Draft
proposals are due by 15 June 1994. The final selection of the site
for IJCAI-2001 will be made at IJCAI-95 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada,
in August, 1995.

Because of the size and complexity of IJCAI conferences, it is
necessary to plan some years ahead. The selection process is also
fairly complicated. As a result, it is important for cities that
would like to host IJCAI-2001 to submit detailed proposals describing
their plans for the meeting and to prepare thorough budget estimates
in advance. The process for 2001 is somewhat simpler than it is when
conferences are held outside of North America, because the AAAI will
be responsible for local arrangements and will help prepare the

IJCAI conferences are held every two years, usually in August. Every
third conference is now held in North America, with IJCAI-2001 planned
for the United States. IJCAI-95 will be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
IJCAI-97 will be in Yokohama, Japan; IJCAI-99 will be in Stockholm,

Proposals will be evaluated in relation to a number of site selection

1. National, regional, and local AI community support.
2. National, regional, and local government and industry support.
3. Accessibility, attractiveness, and desirability of proposed site.
4. Appropriateness of proposed dates.
5. Adequacy of conference and exhibit facilities for the anticipated
number of registrants (currently 2000-3000 for North America;
1000-2000 or more elsewhere, depending on the location).
6. Adequacy of residence accommodations and food services in a range of
price categories and close to the conference facilities.
7. Adequacy of budget projections.
8. Balance with regard to the geographical distribution of previous

Prospective hosts should request a detailed list of the site
information required and a set of budget categories. Initial draft
proposals should be submitted by 15 June 1994; site visits may
be scheduled during the following months; final proposals must be
available for distribution to the Executive Committee by 15 June

Direct requests for proposal information to the IJCAII Secretary-Treasurer:

Ronald J. Brachman
IJCAII Secretary-Treasurer
AT&T Bell Labs, Room 2T-416
600 Mountain Avenue, POB 636
Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0636

fax: +1-908-582-7550