8.0111 Jobbs: E-Text Coordinator; Mgr, Humanities Computing 2/73

Sun, 24 Jul 1994 20:27:15 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0111. Sunday, 24 Jul 1994.

(1) Date: 22 Jul 94 09:25:28 EDT (45 lines)
From: Malcolm.Brown@Dartmouth.EDU (Malcolm Brown)
Subject: Position Opening

(2) Date: 21 Jul 94 10:52:06 EDT (28 lines)
From: Otmar.K.E.Foelsche@Dartmouth.EDU (Otmar K. E. Foelsche)
Subject: Position/Mgr. Hum. Comp. Dartmouth College

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Date: 22 Jul 94 09:25:28 EDT
From: Malcolm.Brown@Dartmouth.EDU (Malcolm Brown)
Subject: Position Opening

Dear fellow Humanists,

I have a position available, as described below. If you have questions,
please don't hesitate to contact me (malcolm.brown@dartmouth.edu)


Academic Information Resources Consultant
Computing Services

We seek an enthusiastic, resourceful person to provide leadership in
developing on-line information resources in support of instruction and
research. The initial focus will be full-text databases, tagged using SGML
and delivered via the campus information system. Gradually, this work will
expand to include audio, image and digital video resources. This person will
work directly with faculty to conceive and implement specific academic
projects that will increase our on-line resources and expand the capability
of the information system. This person must coordinate closely with staff in
other areas, such as Humanities computing, the Library, and the information
system programming staff. Must have excellent interpersonal skills and the
experience to supervise a small support staff.

Requirements. Master's degree with 6 or more years of relevant experience in
the preparation and deployment of digital resources, particularly full texts,
for research and instruction. A successful record of working with faculty on
projects involving the use of on-line resources is essential. Extensive
experience with applications for the preparation and implementation of large
volumes of digital information. Excellent organizational, teaching, and
communication skills. Familiarity with BRS, PAT (Open Text Systems) and SGML
is a strong plus.

Send letter, resume, and three references (please include phone numbers) to:
Malcolm Brown, Director of Academic Computing, Kiewit Computation Center,
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755, attn: Information Consultant Search.
No submissions via email or fax. Review of resumes will begin on August 1,

An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply
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Date: 21 Jul 94 10:52:06 EDT
From: Otmar.K.E.Foelsche@Dartmouth.EDU (Otmar K. E. Foelsche)
Subject: Position/Mgr. Hum. Comp. Dartmouth College

Position: "Manager, Humanities Computing"
Location: Dartmouth College
Salary Range: 25,909 - 28,499 (US$)

Acts as the Manager of the Humanities Computing Office. Provides a variety of
hardware, software, training, consultation, and documentation services
directed at supporting the Humanities faculty, staff, and graduate students
in their interaction with computer technology and related electronic
systems. Manages text scanning services for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
Bachelor's degree in a humanities discipline and at least three years of
relevant experience; or the equivalent. Excellent interpersonal communication
skills. Experience in supervision and in running a computer support facility.
Knowledge of computer systems, systems software, and commercial and special
purpose software and how they interact. Ability to teach lay people in
tutorial and group settings. Strong technical writing, editing, and
organizational skills. Maturity, judgment, and ability to work with frequent
interruptions. Background and interest in education and the humanities.
Familiarity with Dartmouth preferred. Please submit resume and cover letter
to Manager Search Committee, Dartmouth College Humanities Computing, 6192
Bartlett Hall, Hanover, NH 03755-3530.

Otmar K.E. Foelsche (otmar@dartmouth.edu)
Director, Language Resource Center