8.0140 Symposium: Scholarly E-Publishing (1/72)

Thu, 11 Aug 1994 21:29:50 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0140. Thursday, 11 Aug 1994.

Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 18:11:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ann Okerson <ann@cni.org>
Subject: Symposium on Scholarly E-Publishing Announced



And their collaborators: the University of Virginia Library, the
Johns Hopkins University Press, and the American Physical Society


Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks: The Fourth Symposium
Filling the Pipeline and Paying the Piper

Washington, DC

Including: Demonstrations of Current Scholarship and Projects

For the complete program and registration information on the Internet:

GOPHER as follows: yourprompt> gopher arl.cni.org
Menu: Scholarly Communication, Then: ARL/AAUP Symposia

This three-day symposium, the fourth in a series sponsored by the AAUP
and ARL, with a great deal of help from our many friends, is
specifically aimed at university presses, learned and professional
society publishers, librarians, and academic faculty and researchers
interested in beginning electronic publications, particularly on for
distribution via electronic networks. The Symposium's objective is to
promote information-sharing and discussion among people interested in
developing the potential of the networks, particularly for formal
publishing, with particular emphasis on not-for-profit models. Anyone
interested in this topic is eagerly welcomed to join us. Presenters
will discuss some of the latest research and development from the
not-for-profit sector, including faculty, societies, presses, and

The Symposium has established itself as a place where different
not-for-profit stakeholders and supporters talk to each other about
their work and confront vexing issues together. This year, in
particular, we will focus on the controversial areas of cost recovery in
an electronic environment and electronic fair use. The program
committee, encouraged by registrants' comments, hopes that symposiasts
can help to build understanding and progress in these topics, which are
critical to a robust, organized future for scholarly communications.

Optional tours on November 8th include "A Day at the Press," sponsored
by the Johns Hopkins University, and "A day in the Academical Village,"
by the University of Virginia Library.

Programs will be mailed out on Friday to those on our paper mailing
lists. If you would like to receive a printed program, contact Lisabeth
King, lisabeth@cni.org

E-mail address for general inquiries: symposium@e-math.ams.org
E-mail for registration inquiries: Lisabeth King

Proceedings of previous symposia available. E-mail allyn@cni.org

Ann Okerson/Association of Research Libraries