8.0141 TEI DTD Help Available On-line (1/31)

Thu, 11 Aug 1994 21:30:39 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0141. Thursday, 11 Aug 1994.

Date: Wed, 10 Aug 94 14:59:47 EDT
From: "Gregory J. Murphy" <GJMURPHY@PUCC>
Subject: On-line help for the TEI DTD

I am posting this to your list in the hope that it may be of interest
to some of your subscribers.

On-line help with the TEI DTD.

Thanks to a number of Perl routines (of which the most important was
developed by Earl Hood) I have put together a web navigator for the TEI DTD.
Paths include a list of elements and element hierarchies for each of the
base tag sets, and a list of element classes for the TEI as a whole. The
navigator is designed to provide practical help to people who are marking
up texts, and have questions of the sort:
what elements are valid here?
to what other elements does this element belong?
There is a separate HTML document for each element, which includes a list of
links to its children elements, to its parent elements, and its attributes,
and a content declaration and short description. The descriptions were
extracted from the p3 guideline.

The URL is:

I would appreciate any comments/criticisms/suggestions etc.

- Gregory Murphy
Text Systems Manager
CETH, the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
phone: (609) 258-2460