8.0149 Jobs: Berkeley Language Center Assoc. Dir. (1/6)

Wed, 24 Aug 1994 18:01:28 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0149. Wednesday, 24 Aug 1994.

Date: 15 Aug 94 15:26:21 EDT
From: Claire Kramsch
Subject: Opening UCAL-Berkeley- LangCtr. Director - search re-opened

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Associate Director Berkeley Language Center

University of California at Berkeley
The University of California at Berkeley seeks an individual with a broad
vision of the goals and methods of language pedagogy and the application of
technology to foreign language learning for the new full-time staff posi
tion of Associate Director of the Berkeley Langauge Center, being developed
in collaboration with language faculty and the language laboratory. This
position (classified as Principal Administrative Analyst 1) pending final
approval by the Univ.of California at Berkeley, will begin on January 1,
or as soon thereafter as possible.
The Berkeley language Center (BLC) will serve as the central forum
for service, development, teaching and research relating to the application
of technology to foreign language instruction, language pedagogy research
and its dissemination, and professional development of language instructors.
Resources include audiotape materials in 100 languages, audio- and
pped classrooms and listening facilities, a recording studio, an audiotape
duplication facility, technical shop, library, audiotape archive, and a
new language microcomputer facility,.
The Associate Director reports to the half-time faculty Director.
He/she provides involved, hands-on management of the Berkeley Language Center
and has overall administrative and managerial responsibility for BLC
programs, activities, and resources - translating ideas and plans into
practical applications and facilities. He/she manages the professional staff
of the six service areas: administrative, classroom, duplication, library,
recording and technical. The Associate Director, in collaboration with the
Director and independently, pursues intramural and extramural grants and
contracts to expand and diversify the Center's programs and facilities;
the Director in advocating new paradigms of language pedagogy and the po
tential for the application of technology to language instruction; keeps
informed of advances and innovations in instructional technology and language
pedagogy; oversees outreach and training activities in new methods and
approaches to language teaching the in the use and utility of instructional
technology. The Associate Director consults proactively with the BLC staff,
language instructors, faculty, and administrators to determine and analyze
needs, resources, and goals; oversees the acquisition, evaluation,
and utilization of courseware, equipment, and facilities; coordinates BLC
programs with those of the growing number of units on campus concerned with
technology and instruction.

Qualifications: management experience in an organization of similar size and
complexity. Knowledge of foreign language pedagogy and familiarity with
the applications of instructional technology to the teaching and learning
of foreign languages. Organizational, administrative, and communication
skills. Experience working with equipment relevant to language learning/
teaching; experience obtaining and administering grants and contracts;
language teaching experience and/or competence in one or more languages
other than English.

Salary range: $40,400 - $60,000.

Applicants should submit a cover letter,a complete resume, three letters
of reference, copies of relevant publications, and samples of instructional
materials which have been developed. Deadline for recept of application
and supporting materials is SEPTEMBER 21, 1994.

University of CAlifornia at Berkeley
Job Number: 08-300-30
2200 University Avenue, 7G
Berkeley, CA 94720.