8.0150 CFP European ACL Student Session (1/136)

Wed, 24 Aug 1994 18:02:34 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0150. Wednesday, 24 Aug 1994.

Date: Wed, 17 Aug 1994 16:45:20 +0200
From: EACL 95 Student Session <eaclstud@CoLi.Uni-SB.DE>
Subject: EACL-95 Student CfP (ASCII-Version)



7th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for
Computational Linguistics

March 27--31, 1995
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin, Ireland

PURPOSE: The goal of this session is to provide a forum for students and
PhD-students to present work in progress and receive feedback from other
members of the computational linguistics community. The session will be
workshop-style, consisting of short paper presentations by student
authors; students and senior researchers who are not presenting are
invited to participate in the discussion. A committee of students will
organize the session, review submitted papers and decide on acceptance.
The accepted papers will be published in a special section of the
conference proceedings.

TOPICS OF INTEREST: Papers are invited on research on all aspects of
computational linguistics, including, but not limited to, pragmatics,
discourse, semantics, syntax, and the lexicon; phonetics, phonology, and
morphology; interpreting and generating spoken and written language;
linguistic, mathematical, and psychological models of language;
language-oriented information retrieval; corpus-based language modeling;
machine translation and translation aids; natural language interfaces
and dialogue systems; message and narrative understanding systems; and
theoretical and applications papers of every kind.

REQUIREMENTS: Papers should describe original, unpublished work in
progress that demonstrates insight, creativity, and promise. Papers
submitted to the main conference will not be considered for the student
session. Students may of course submit DIFFERENT papers to both. Note
that having a student session for the presentation of ongoing work in no
way influences the treatment of student-written papers submitted to the
main conference. Rather, the student session will provide an entirely
separate track emphasizing students' "work in progress" rather than
completed work.

FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION: Preference is given to e-mail submission. Student
authors should submit papers limited to 3 pages (including references,
figures, and appendices), with typeface no smaller than 10pt. LaTeX,
Postscript and plain ASCII formats are acceptable. LaTeX submissions
must be self-contained LaTeX source and should not refer to any external
files or styles except for the standard styles for TeX 3.14 and LaTeX
2.09. An extra identification page should be sent SEPERATELY by
electronic mail, containing the title, author(s), address(es) and topic
area(s). Hard copy submissions should be made only if no e-mail access
is available. Papers outside the specified length and formatting
requirements are subject to rejection without review.

Those submissions which are accepted will be published in a special
section of the EACL conference proceedings.

Papers should be submitted to:

Thorsten Brants
Universitaet des Saarlandes
Computerlinguistik, Geb. 17
Postfach 1150
D-66041 Saarbruecken, Germany
phone: +49 / 681 / 302-4682
FAX: +49 / 681 / 302-4700
email: eaclstud@coli.uni-sb.de

STUDENT SESSION INFORMATION: If you have questions about the student
session, contact Thorsten Brants by e-mail, phone, FAX or post (cf.

received after this date will not be considered. Notification of
receipt will be mailed to the first author (or designated author) soon
after receipt. Authors will be NOTIFIED OF ACCEPTANCE BY DECEMBER 23
1994. Camera-ready copies of final papers prepared in a double-column
format, preferably using a laser printer, must be RECEIVED BY 31
JANUARY 1995, along with a signed copyright release statement. The ACL
LaTeX proceedings format is available through the ACL LISTSERV. The
paper presentations will take place on MARCH 29-31.

MAIN CONFERENCE INFORMATION: For information on the main conference
the Program Co-Chairs: or the Local Arrangements Chair:
Steven Abney and Erhard W. Hinrichs Allan Ramsay
Universitaet Tuebingen Department of Computer Science
Seminar fuer Sprachwissenschaft University College Dublin
Abt. Computerlinguistik Belfield, Dublin 4
Kleine Wilhelmstr. 113 Ireland
D-72074 Tuebingen, phone: (353)-1-7062479
Germany FAX: (353)-1-2687262
email: eacl95@sfs.nphil.uni-tuebingen.de email: allan@monkey.ucd.ie

ACL LISTSERV: LISTSERV is a facility to allow access to an electronic
document archive by electronic mail. The ACL LISTSERV has been set up at
Columbia University's Department of Computer Science. Requests from the
archive should be sent as e-mail messages to


with an empty subject field and the message body containing the request
command. The most useful requests are "help" for general help on using
LISTSERV, "index acl-l" for the current contents of the ACL archive and
"get acl-l <file>" to get a particular file named <file> from the
archive. For example, to get an ACL membership form, a message with the
following body should be sent:

get acl-l membership-form.txt

Answers to requests are returned by e-mail. Since the server may have
many requests for different archives to process, requests are queued up
and may take a while (say, overnight) to be fulfilled.

The ACL archive can also be accessed by anonymous FTP. Here is an
example of how to get the same file by FTP:

$ ftp ftp.cs.columbia.edu
Name (cs.columbia.edu:pereira): anonymous
Password: pereira@research.att.com << not echoed
ftp > cd acl-l/Information
ftp > get 94.membership.form.Z
ftp > quit
$ uncompress 94membership.form.Z