8.0178 Kant Congress (1/115)

Sun, 11 Sep 1994 20:50:10 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0178. Sunday, 11 Sep 1994.

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 1994 11:36:26 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Kant Congress announcement as of 9/10/94

"Kant and the Problem of Peace"

March 1-5, 1995
Memphis, Tennessee USA

The Kant-Gesellschaft e.V. (Bonn) has authorized the University of
Memphis, in collaboration with the North American Kant Society, to h ost
the Eighth International Kant Congress. The congress will be held March
1-5, 1995 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, in
conjunction with the featured conference series, ``Kant and the Problem
of Peace.''

Opening Session
Welcoming Ceremonies: Representatives of the Kant-Gesellschaft, the
North American Kant Society, the University of Memphis, the city of
Memphis, the state of Tennessee, the United States of America and the F
ederal Republic of Germany.

Opening Addresses: Mary Gregor (San Diego State); Jules Vuillemin

Kant and the Problem of Peace
Symposium Topics: Freedom; Religion; History; Law; Government; Soci ety;
Morality; Politics.

Speakers Include: Henry Allison (San Diego), Shlomo Avineri (Jerusalem),
Reinhard Brandt (Marburg), Sharon Byrd (Augsburg), Jean Ferrari (Dijon),
George Fletcher (Columbia), Georg Geismann (Munich), Volker Gerhardt
(Berlin), Paul Guyer (Pennsylvania), Joachim Hruschka (Erlangen), `Jan
Joerden (Frankfurt/Oder), Leonid Kalinnikov (Kaliningrad), Wolfgang
Kersting (Hannover), Pauline Kleingeld (St. Louis), Pierre Laberge
(Ottawa), Bernd Ludwig (Munich), Rudolf Makkreel (Emory), Jeffrey Murphy
(Arizona State), Onora O'Neill (Cambridge), Francoise Proust ( Paris),
Patrick Riley (Wisconsin/Harvard), Ludwig Siep (Muenster), Ernest
Weinrib (Toronto), Reiner Wimmer (Tuebingen), Allen Wood (Cornell).

Kantian Themes
Symposium Topics: Mathematics; Psychology; Logic; Deduction;
Pre-History; Dialectic; Science; Opus postumum; Phenomenology; Kantians;
Ethics; Aesthetics; Teleology; Space; Hegel; 3rd Critique; Critical
Theory; Kant Research Today.

Speakers Include: Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame), Richard Aquila
(Tennessee), John Atwell (Temple), Marcia Baron (Illinois-Urbana),
Manfred Baum (Wuppertal), Graham Bird (Manchester), James Bohman (St.
Louis), Daniel Breazeale (Kentucky), Vladimir Bryushinkin (Kaliningrad),
Jill Buroker (San Bernardino), Robert Butts (Western Ontario), Mario
Caimi (Buenos Aires), Wolfgang Carl (Goettingen), Martin Carrier
(Heidelberg), Bernd Doerflinger (Mainz), Stephen Engstrom (Pittsburgh),
Eckard Foerster (Stanford), Christel Fricke (Heidelberg), Michael
Friedman (Chicago), Ludg er Honnefelder (Bonn), Rolf-Peter Horstmann
(Munich), Stephen Houlgate (DePaul), Fumiyasu Ishikawa (Sendai), Klaus
Kaehler (Cologne), Patricia Kitcher (San Diego), Jane Kneller (Colorado
State), Manfred Kuehn (Purdue), Rudolf Langthaler (Vienna), Claudio La
Rocca (Pisa), Beatrice Longuenesse (Princeton), Rudolf Malter (Mainz),
Francois Marty (Paris), Thomas McCarthy (Northwestern), Ralf Meerbote
(Rochester), J. N. Mohanty (Temple), Susan Neiman (Yale), Frederick
Neuhouser (Harvard), Jean Petitot (Paris), Robert Pippin (Chicago), Carl
Posy (Duke), Gian-Carlo Rota (MIT), Walter Schaller (Texas Tech), Dennis
Schmidt (Villanova), Sally Sedgwick (Dartmouth), Thomas Seebohm
(Mainz), Nancy Sherman (Georgetown), David Stern (Toledo, Ohio), Dieter
Sturma (Lueneburg), Roger Sullivan (South Carolina), Burkhard Tuschling
(Marburg), James Van Cleve (Brown), Michael Young (Kansas), Guenter
Zoeller (Iowa).

The Rawls Legacy
Speakers Include: Barbara Herman (Southern California), Thomas Hill
(Chapel Hill), Christine Korsgaard (Harvard), Susan Neiman (Yale), John
Rawls (Harvard), Andrews Reath (Raleigh).

Kant Reception in Eastern Europe
Speakers Include: Karol Bal (Wroclaw), Leonid Kalinnikov
(Kaliningrad), Rado Riha (Ljubljana), Leonid Stolovich (Tartu), Andrei
Sudakov (Moscow).

Kant Reception in Asia
Speakers Include: Arindan Chakrabarti (Delhi), Golam Dastagir (Dhak a),
Steven Palmquist (Hong Kong), Terence Hua Tai (Taipei), Shin-Chi Yuas a

Kant Dissemination
Speakers Include: Paul Guyer (Pennsylvania), Manfred Kuehn (Purdue) ,
Winfried Lenders (Bonn), Rudolf Malter (Mainz), Nellie Motroschilova
(Moscow), Werner Stark (Marburg), Miroslav Zelazny (Torun).

Current Work on the Philosophy of Kant
This section consists of a series of colloquia containing c. 100 refereed
contributions on all aspects of Kant's work and influence.

* * *

--For registration information please contact: Organizing Committee,
Eighth International Kant Congress, Department of Philosophy, The
University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee 38152 U. S. A. (Tel:
+901-678-3356; Fax: +901-678-4365; E-mail:

--For hotel reservations, contact Crowne Plaza Hotel (specifying "Kant
Congress rate"), 250 N. Main, Memphis, Tennessee 38103 U.S.A. (Tel:
+901-527-7300; Fax +901-526-1561).

--For special air fares and other travel arrangements, contact Ann
Scobie, Hanover Travel, 0 N. Evergreen St., Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A
(Tel: +901-276-4404; Fax +901-276-4494).1A

Please excuse the delay in sending out registration forms. Some of the
information to be included on the form is unfortunately still not
available, but we hope to obtain it and have the forms sent out in the
next two weeks.