8.0182 Conf: Virtual Reality 1995 (1/83)

Mon, 12 Sep 1994 18:20:52 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0182. Monday, 12 Sep 1994.

Date: Mon, 12 Sep 1994 18:17:15 +0200
From: <Christian.Bauer@uibk.ac.at>
Subject: Next Conference

Dear colleagues,

thanks for the interest you showed in the "Virtual Reality
Vienna'93". We are now proud to present a new conference, slightly
moved from Vienna (Austria) to Stuttgart (Germany), bigger and
hopefully of even more quality!

This conference is actually the fusion of the three biggest
Virtual Reality conferences in Europe. Expect the best...

Any suggestion and proposal is welcome.


Christian Bauer
c/o Christian Bauer & Freunde
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A-6020 Innsbruck
Austria / Europe
Tel +43 512 29 57 60
Fax +43 512 28 16 98
Email chris@well.sf.ca.us (if the above adress doesn't work...)


Information on the


21st to 23rd February of 1995 in Stuttgart, Germany

The "Virtual Reality World 1995 (VRW'95)" is an international
conference on Virtual Reality, with speeches, tutorials, exhibits
and social events.

VRW'95 is a fusion of the three main Virtual Reality events in

1. "Virtual Reality Forum '93 and '94" organised by the
2. "Virtual Reality Conference" in London sponsored by
3. "Virtual Reality Vienna '93" sponsored by IDG AUSTRIA

Main Sponsor for the VRW'95 is IDG CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS /
COMPUTERWOCHE Verlag GmbH,Germany. Mecklermedia is organizing the
exhibit and the two Fraunhofer Institutes do the scientific
supervision. The agenda is organized by the Fraunhofer Institutes
IAO and IPA and Christian Bauer, the initiator and agenda-
coordinator of the "Virtual Reality Vienna '93".

Some figures: The organizers of the VRW'95 plan to have 500
conference attendees from about 25 countries and more than 3000
visitors of the exhibition. On the first day, the 21st of
February 1995, tutorials will be offered, on the follwoing two
days there will be about 50 speeches from international experts.

The VRW'95 claims to be the leading European event. More
Information on the VRW'95 will follow in the next weeks.

The chairmen of the programme committee are:

Prof. H.-J. Bullinger, IAO
Prof. R.-D. Schraft, IPA

Finally some persons, who already agreed to speak on the VRW'95:

Prof. Nat Durlach, MIT
Prof. Ken Kaplan, Harvard
Dr. Sandra Helsel, Virtual Reality World
Ben Delaney, CyberEdge Journal
Dr. Ian Hunter, MIT
Prof. Edouard Bannwart, Art + Com
Dr. Robert Stone, AARL
Prof. Gerd Hirzinger, German Aerospace Establishment
Prof. Nadja Thalmann, University of Geneva
Dr. Lew Hitchner, Xtensory
Howard Rheingold, Writer