8.0195 Landscape and Northern National Identity (1/116)

Fri, 16 Sep 1994 17:51:51 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0195. Friday, 16 Sep 1994.

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 1994 00:36:11 +0200 (EET)
Subject: I hope you may find room for the following

Seminar in Helsinki, 11--12 of November 1994

Time: Friday, November 11th (10.00--17.00) and Saturday,
November 12th (9.00--14.00) 1994.

Friday: Session 1 and 2, Reception.

Saturday: Session 1 and 2, Dinner.

Place: Auditorium XIV (Fri), XIII (Sat), University of Helsinki
Main Building (Unioninkatu 33).

Forms of work: panel groups, general discussions.

Organizers: the Nordic Studies Programme at the Renvall
Institute of Historical Research, Helsinki University, the
Nordic Project and the Finnish Network of Landscape Researchers,
together with the Degree Programme of Landscape Architecture at
the Helsinki University of Technology, the Research Institute
and the Institute of Photography at the University of Art and
Design, Helsinki and the Universities of Joensuu and Lapland

The Seminar will be essentially Nordic, however individual
contributions from their countries, e.g. North America are
also welcome. The principal aims are:
- to view the present state of research in the intersecting
areas of environmental studies and history of ideas in the
Nordic countries and elsewhere;
- to establish contacts between scholars representing various
fields of arts and science, working on themes concerning
landscape and national identity;
- to provide a training event for the postgraduate and
international students from the participating universities;
- to prepare ground for an international conference on
landscape and national identity to be held in the near future,
in connection with a publication project.

The programme will consist of four panel groups with invited
contributions of varying lengths (10 to 30 minutes). The topics
for the sessions will be:

1) The Conceptualization of Nordic Landscape
- Nature as a basis for national identity
- National sets of landscapes
Speakers: Joan M. Zenzen, University of Maryland (Promoting
National Parks 1864-1991); Orvar Lo"fgren, Lund; Maunu Ha"yrynen,
Helsinki University of Technology (The National Landscape);
Allan Tiitta, Helsinki University (Topelius and his Landscape).

2) The Shaping of National Landscapes
- Protection and conservation
- Landscape architecture
Speakers: Ilmo Massa, Helsinki (The Problems of the
Plundering Economy); Heikki Simola, University of Joensuu (The
Koli movement); Tom Simons, Helsinki University of Technology
(The National in Landscape Architecture); Riitta Nikula, Helsinki University
(Is there a Finnish Urban Tradition?).

3) Borderland / Frontier
- Disputed land: the Eastern border of Finland
- Manifest Destiny: the colonization of the Arctic
Speakers: John Lind, Copenhagen (The Medieval Eastern Border
between Sweden and Russia); Berit Noekleby, Oslo (The Border
between NATO and Eastern Europe in the north); Ari Lehtinen,
University of Joensuu (The National Identity and the
Borderland); Petri Raivo, University of Oulu (The Limits of
Tolerance: the Orthodox milieu as part of Finnish Landscape).

4) The Idea of North
- The Receding North
- North as an Other
Speakers: Gunnar Broberg, Lund; Neil Kent, Cambridge (The North
in the Art); Lennart Lundmark, Umea; Lassi Heininen, University
of Lapland (Lapland as the Other Finland); Karl-Erik Michelsen,
Helsinki University (The Technological Conquest of the North).

Participants and Contributors: Pirkko-Liisa Ahponen (University
of Joensuu); Pauline von Bonsdorff (Helsinki University); Harri
Hautaja"rvi (Oulu); Matti Klinge (University of Helsinki); Rainer
Knapas (Helsinki University); Pellervo Kokkonen (Helsinki
University); Osmo Kontturi (University of Joensuu); Pekka
Korvenmaa (University of Art and Design, Helsinki); Anto Leikola
(Helsinki University); Bo Lo"nnqvist (Helsinki University); Petri
Rannikko (University of Joensuu); Mikko Saikku (Helsinki
University); Yrjo" Sepa"nmaa (University of Joensuu).

Other action: An exhibition on landscape and Nordic identity
(arr. Licentiate of Arts Taneli Eskola, University of Art and
Design, Helsinki), University Main Building (lobby).

Rector's reception, Friday evening 11.11.94;

Dinner party at Renvall Institute, Saturday evening 12.11.94.

Organizing committee: Taneli Eskola, Lassi Heininen, Maunu
Ha"yrynen, Pekka Korvenmaa, Lars Landgren, Henrik Stenius.

Inquiries and registration:

Dr. Henrik Stenius and Lic.Phil. Lars Landgren
Renvall Institute of Historic Research
P.O. Box 4
FIN-00014 Helsinki University
Tel. +358-0-191 2985
Fax +358-0-191 3107

Lic.Phil. Maunu Ha"yrynen
Degree Programme for Landscape Architecture
Helsinki University of Technology
Otakaari 1
Tel./fax +358-0-135 9213
E-mail: hayrynen@csc.fi