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Fri, 16 Sep 1994 17:57:40 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0199. Friday, 16 Sep 1994.

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 94 22:32:28 HOE
From: Francisco Marcos Marin <MARCOS@vm1.sdi.uam.es>
Subject: Letters, bibliography

The aim of this note is to collect some bibliographical
references to letters, ars dictandi or ars dictaminis from a
series of books and papers devoted to Spanish Literature.
The references, though, are nor exclusive to this peculiar
branch of Latin culture, they point to a general set of
treatises which quite often do not include any reference to
Spanish or Portuguese.

As departing points I've chosen:

Go'mez Moreno, A'ngel 1994 <it>Espanna y la Italia de los
humanistas. Primeros ecos<\it> Madrid: Gredos, pp. 179-196.

Guille'n, Claudio 1988 <it>El primer siglo de oro. Estudios
sobre ge'neros y modelos<\it> Barcelona: Cri'tica, pp. 15-48.

Prieto, Antonio 1986 <it>La prosa espannola del siglo XVI.
I<\it> Madrid: Ca'tedra, pp. 59-98.

Rivers, Elias L. 1954 "The Horatian Epistle and its
Introduction into Spanish Literature", <it>Hispanic
Review<\it> XXII/3, 175-193.

Yndura'in, Domingo 1988 "Las cartas en prosa", <it>Literatura
en la e'poca del emperador<\it> Universidad de Salamanca, pp.

For a discussion of the theoretical problem, see Rene' Wellek
and Austin Warren, <it>Theory of Literature<\it> N.Y. 1949,
Chaps. XVII & XIX, esp. p. 268. On the form, E.P. Morris,
"The form of the Epistle in Horace", <it>Yale Classical
Studies<\it>, II, 1931, 79-114. For the epistolary novel:
Charles E. Kany <it>The Beginnings of the Epistolary Novel
in France, Italy, and Spain<\it> University of California
Press, 1937. Terminology in Silvia Rizzo <it>Il lessico
filologico degli umanisti<\it> Roma: ed. di Storia e
Letteratura, 1973.

On medieval letters, see the remarks by Curtius and the
collections by Lausberg or Faral, and add:

Langlois, C.V. 1890-1897 <it>Formulaires de lettres du XII,
du XIII et du XIV siecles<\it> Paris.

Lanham, Carol Dana 1975 <it>Salutatio. Formulas in Latin
Letters to 1200: Syntax, Style and Theory<\it> Munich.

Vasio, Pasquale 1975 <it>La lettera nella storia e nell
arte<\it> Roma.

More references:

Clough, Cecil H. "The cult of Antiquity: letters and letters
collections" in his ed. <it>Cultural aspects of the Italian
Rennaisance<\it> 33-67.

Thomson, Patricia 1964 <it>Sir Thomas Wyatt and his
Background<\it> London, chapters VI and VII.

Zippel, G. 1958 "La lettera del diavolo al clero, dal secolo
XII alla Riforma" <it>Bulletino dell'Istituto storico
italiano per il medio evo e Archivio Muratoriano<\it> 70,

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