8.0217 New List: Nietzsche (1/28)

Sat, 1 Oct 1994 14:47:01 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0217. Saturday, 1 Oct 1994.

Date: 27 Sep 94 21:47:42 EDT
From: Malcolm.Brown@Dartmouth.EDU (Malcolm Brown)
Subject: Nietzsche discussion list

Dear fellow Humanists,
I've started a Nietzsche discussion list, run using the usual LISTSERV
apparatus. Below is a brief description of the list. To subscribe, send a
one line note with:

SUB NIETZSCH <your name>



I'll be moderating the list, at least to start with.

Apologies for cutting off the final "e"! No doubt FWN himself would have
been appalled.
Malcolm Brown

This discussion list, hosted at Dartmouth College, is a forum for
scholarly and interdisciplinary discussions of the philosophy of
and literature of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). Topics include
all aspects of Nietzsche studies, including discussion of subjects
closely related to Nietzsche (such as Schopenhauer and Wagner).
Scholarly societies concerned with Nietzsche's thought are encouraged
to post announcements here.

List moderator: Malcolm Brown, Dartmouth College