8.0228 CFP: Conn College Arts & Technology Conf (1/121)

Mon, 3 Oct 1994 23:59:24 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0228. Monday, 3 Oct 1994.

Date: Mon, 3 Oct 1994 10:58:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: "E. Candy Held" <echel@conncoll.edu>


MARCH 2-5, 1995

The Connecticut College Center for Arts and Technology, in
collaboration with the departments of Academic
Computing, Art, Art History, Chemistry, Dance, English,
Library, Mathematics/Computer Science, Music, Physics,
Physical Education, Psychology, and Theater, is pleased to
announce CONVERGENCE: The Fifth Biennial Symposium on
Arts and Technology, March 2-5, 1995. The Symposium
will consist of paper sessions, panel discussions, art
exhibitions, concerts of music, mixed media works, video,
dance and experimental theater. Selected papers and
presentations will be published by the Center as both
printed and interactive multi-media CD-Rom Proceedings.

Papers and Presentations:
A detailed two-page abstract including audio-visual
requirements should be sent to the address below no later
than November 15, 1994. Authors of accepted papers will
be notified by December 1, 1994. Finished papers must
be submitted in camera-ready form by January 15, 1995.
In order for material to be considered for inclusion in the
CD-Rom version of the Proceedings, it must also be
submitted on disk in one of the following formats: Word
or Wordperfect. The Center encourages research papers
and presentations in all areas of the arts and technology,
but is particularly interested receiving papers concerned
with Interactivity, Virtual Reality, Cognition, Information
Technologies, Applications in Video and Film, Music
(composition, performance, theory, interactivity, etc.),
Experimental Theater, Compositional Process, Speculative
Use of Technology in Education, Computer Simulations of
Physical Phenomena, Scientific Visualization and Social
and Ethical Issues in Arts and Technology.

Music Compositions:
Works for instruments and tape, or tape alone, or
interactive compositions are being solicited at this time.
Available instruments are: flute (doubling on piccolo),
oboe, clarinet (doubling on bass clarinet), bassoon,
trumpet, horn, trombone, percussion (two players), piano,
and strings (2,1,1,1).

Works should not exceed 15 minutes in length and should
be submitted with accompanying score, where
appropriate. Tapes for selection purposes should be on
cassette or 1/2 inch VHS. Tapes for performance should
be 15 i.p.s. stereo or quadraphonic, or DAT. Video works
should be 3/4 inch Umatic or 1/2 inch VHS. A self-
addressed, preposted envelope should be included for the
return of materials within the U.S.A. Foreign materials
will be returned at our expense.

Works of computer-generated or computer-aided art, or
computer -controlled interactive art are encouraged.
Animations, Video or other works of computer art on tape
will be shown in concert settings and in less formal
settings throughout the Symposium. Slides or video (VHS)
and complete descriptions of works should be submitted
by the general deadline of November 15, 1994. Black and
White photographs for publicity and for possible
reproduction in a printed insert to the Proceedings must
be sent by January 15, 1995. Reproductions of accepted
works for the CD-Rom Proceedings must be sent on disk
(Pict, Tiff, PCX) by Jan 15, 1995. Funds for the shipping of
artworks are extremely limited. Call or write the address
below for more information on the shipping of artwork.

Choreography and Dance Studies:
Computer-generated or computer-aided choreography is
being solicited for live performance or for videotaped
presentation. Specially produced dance videos are of
particular interest, as opposed to concert tapes or other
archival uses of video for dance. Also of interest are
proposals for demonstrations of software for dance
notation, choreographic analysis, or for interactive studies
in dance. Workshop proposals are also welcome.

Videotapes or complete descriptions of performance
works (not longer than 20 minutes), demonstration or
workshop proposals should be submitted by the general
deadline of November 15, 1994. Tapes for selection
purposes should be VHS.

Proposals for panels are welcome. The proposals should
include prospective panelists, and should be directed to
topics which fit the general description of the Symposium.
Of particular interest for 1995 are panels on the general
topic of =D2Convergence=D3 which might include explorations of
cross-disciplinary approaches to arts and technology

Please include a self-addressed preposted envelope
envelope for the return of materials within the US.
Foreign materials will be returned at our expense. The
Center encourages email submissions for text materials.
Material should be sent to:

Center for Arts and Technology
Box 5365
Connecticut College
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320-4196
tel: [203] 439-2001
email: cat@conncoll.edu


Please send your email address to us at cat@conncoll.edu
so that we may update our files.