8.0294 New List: History of Medieval Art (1/35)

Tue, 1 Nov 1994 00:22:34 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0294. Tuesday, 1 Nov 1994.

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 18:54:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jesse Foley Brink <jbrink@epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: New List: HISTORY OF MEDIEVAL ART (again. sorry.)


I am writing today to announce a new list that may be of
interest to you. Its topic is the History of Medieval Art.
Medieval Art is here rather loosely confined by a temporal
range of about 100 CE to 1500 CE and no geographical range.

Some may groan at "yet another specialized mailing list,"
but I believe that this list can provide a valuable service
in allowing people interested in the History of Medieval Art
to delve into topics with a level of detail that probably
would not interest a general audience.

It certainly will not hurt you to try it, so sign up!

1) Send a message to: LISTSERV@UTORONTO.BITNET
2) Leave the Subject line blank
3) Type the following line (and nothing else) in the body:
SUB MEDART-L Your_Full_Name

That is all there is to it. If you have any questions or
comments, do drop me a line. If you are so inclined, send
me a message describing your interests and experiences so
that I can tailor the list's resources to the users' benefit.

Have fun.

Jesse Foley Brink

P.S. I apologize for all the cross-posting.